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Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is critical for delivering positive results from an online presence. For small businesses, or businesses in Geographically isolated areas, local SEO is even more critical – particularly for businesses that service a fairly defined geography.  Search engine marketing (SEM) in the form of Pay-per-click advertising through Adwords and Bing Ad’s, as well as social media marketing through platforms like Facebook and Instagram can deliver real opportunity.

If you’re trying to outpace your competition within a specific market, let Mtek help you communicate with potential clients, sharpen up your brand, or help you create cost effective media to share your valuable communications.

Web Design and Development Services

We’ve worked with hundreds of businesses in Edmonton and Central Alberta to grow their presence on the web, and improve experiences for their customers. The best websites are a beautiful blend of creative talent and technical expertise. Our design and development process brings together a team of talented designers, skilled developers, and experienced marketers to provide our clients exceptional results within their budgets.

Mtek Digital is the Online Marketing Division of Microtek Corporation – who for over 20 years has served the Edmonton Area with expertise and professionalism to provide our clients with the best possible value for their technology dollars.

Video Content Creation

After years of building online marketing solutions, it’s become clear to us that Video Content is a game changer. People are consuming video more frequently than any other content online. With this marketing trend in view, Mtek Digital has built our own fully equipped video studios to help our customers create content that reaches people where they are online. Through our video content packages, our team makes it extremely easy by recording, editing, producing and publishing your video content. We just need to help put your story to film.

Come by our studio, and you can increase your visibility and your online conversions! 

We Believe in Video Content.

Why? Because video is becoming the most frequently consumed content on the internet. People who use video and learn how to distribute it online are winning the marketing game.

Meet David Papp.

Founder of Mtek/Microtek | Speaker | Author | Entrepreneur | Tech & Security Expert

You may have seen him on TV, heard him deliver a keynote or seminar, read his books or crossed paths with him in the business and technology community. David has been an innovator and leader in the Edmonton community for a long time.