10 free Mobile Video Editors

If your business is diving into video, there are two essential tools you need: a decent camera and video editing software. Mobile phones are quite convenient in this situation as they have a built in camera and a budget video editing software. But as I discussed in a previous article on desktop video editing software, it’s fairly limited in its functionality.

You need a real video editing tool (which I outlined in a previous article), but sometimes you don’t need something that extensive. The video editing tools I outline here you can install to your phone and are excellent for short videos. From videos less than a minute to those you intend to publish through Instagram, here are some free options to consider.


Top of the list is a unique editor that has embraced video automation: Magisto. Available for iOS and Android, Magisto has three simple steps that’ll help you make a great video without having to move the footage to other devices.

  1. Choose the video editing style (the type of story you’re telling).
  2. Select your photos and video clips.
  3. Select your music. Magisto has a built-in library available for you.

The app organizes your footage based on what you gave it and put together a solid video to deliver your message.

There is also a paid version, offering higher quality video and access to making longer videos.


Created by Instagram for iOS exclusively, Hyperlapse condenses videos you upload into brief, hyper-speed videos which you can upload to Instagram or Facebook.

You can select your speed, and the app will show you how long the videos is at each speed, allowing you to compare lengths in real time. This is a good tool if your goal is to capture something that typically takes a while. Examples are event setups or a sunset.


If you’re looking for easier editing but still basic functions, InShot is a good option. Available for iOS and Android, you can trim, speed up or add music and filters to videos. It’s simple in function which is good for starting users as there isn’t a steep learning curve.


As mentioned in my previous article, WeVideo is another good option to consider. While there is a desktop version, WeVideo was designed for mobile. Its video editing software is quite popular mainly for its cloud-based system. The only catch is that it’s fairly limited in how much you can store.

If you’re sticking to the free version, it will work if your plan is to make the occasional video. If you are editing multiple videos, you’ll have a tougher time using the free version and will need to upgrade.


Another iOS exclusive option is Splice – an app developed by the makers of GoPro. No you don’t need a GoPro to make this app work. What this app does do is simple; it splices clips together on your phone to create a moving collage.

Splice does a little more than that though. You have a decent selection of musical tracks to pick from. And you can trim and edit different pieces and customize transitions lengths too.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premier is a popular desktop video editing tool, and there is a mobile app. Available for iOS and Android, this app is basically a “gateway” into the full Adobe Premiere Pro video editor. Why is that? Well it works similarly to Magisto in that the app automatically sets your video to music of your choice and has an editor you can use to customize your edits further, It does all of this entirely for free.


Picture collages can be pretty cool. But what about video collages? PicPlayPost is an app for iOS and Android that lets you do exactly that. The only thing you need to keep in mind with this app is that you’re putting together multiple videos into one big video, so you want to make sure the sounds aren’t clashing together.

Despite that slight wrinkle, you can make some fantastic videos with PicPlayPost. Here is a great example on Youtube.


An Android-exclusive app with quite the following is VideoShow. This award-winning app has over 400 million users and you can see why when you look at the app’s features. You can select text overlays, music, filters, stickers, as well as sound effects into your videos. These functions are nice as they lend a hand to those making vlog series, a type of video where someone is speaking directly to the camera.


Another app developed by GoPro, Quik is the ideal app if you have a GoPro camera. Don’t worry though, this software can edit content from any source.

This free app can manage upwards of 75 photos and/or video clips in one project and can even do some smart editing based on what footage you give it. It’s quite creative! Quik can perform time lapses as well as panoramic pieces. And it is quite versatile, offering 20 preset themes and supports eight common file types.


Last on the list is KineMaster, an app for both mobile devices. This video editing tool is incredibly versatile, and you will see why when you load it. The most notable aspect is that it has multiple layers.

What does that mean?

This is a feature that most desktop video editing software has which allows you to add an unlimited amount of text overlays, audio, and images. This is incredible, but KineMaster can do a little more with free handwriting on your footage as well.

At the same time, KineMaster has simpler editing features like trimming and splitting.

There are Apps for that

These days it’s easier and quicker to jump into videos and make them. With robust apps that offer extensive features, now is a good time to start making videos. And with the help of these apps, you can make great videos for free.