15 excellent Resources for Bloggers

Whether you are a new blogger or have been in the blogosphere for years, there are many resources to enhance your career, but they can be difficult to track down.

Lucky for you, I did some legwork and found some excellent resources you can use. These can improve writing techniques or address other issues bloggers might run into.


The first on the list is Medium. Medium is excellent for bloggers starting out for many reasons. For one, Medium has a massive audience at its disposal with plenty of readers devoting thousands of hours of reading time every day. For the new blogger, this is a good way to get some exposure and will teach you to how to build your audience. On top of that, you have the opportunity to read the work of other writers and can use it as a way of growing your skills.

This is also a good avenue for more established writers, as you can quickly grow an audience and therefore direct more traffic to your site, courses, and other services. But what’s so desirable about Medium is that these benefits are entirely free. Better yet, if you create a Stripe account, you have a good chance of being placed in the Medium Partnership Program.

The money may not be great for new writers at first, but here you are getting free money to essentially learn how to write engaging and valuable content.


Medium does have its benefits; however, you are a bit restricted in what you can do on there. You don’t get to add any fancy plugins or flashy designs. This is where WordPress comes in. WordPress is the go-to site if you want to build a blog site. You can even get a site for free if you don’t mind wordpress.org displayed at the end.

WordPress has a simple learning curve and offers a lot of potential for people starting out. It’s a good option to consider if you want something sleek, professional, and more open-ended.


I’ve already praised this company, but it is seriously a solid platform. If you’re a blogger, you need an email list and MailChimp is one of the best options available for free. This version allows you to send an insane amount of emails for free every month and you can have up to 2,000 subscribers before you need to start paying.


Speaking of MailChimp, another resource bloggers can take advantage of are newsletters. You have email, so you might as well use it to get some valuable writing tips or other resources to you for free. And there are some pretty amazing deals out there. From getting special offers on products or services to getting free info or other resources, take a peek at some of these newsletters.


Another resource I’ve talked up before and won’t stop talking about either! Canva is great for creating text overlays, feature photos, social media posts, business cards, and more. Hands down this is the best tool if you need to have something designed.


Coolors is an interesting resource that serves one purpose: it develops your site’s theme colours. Why is this important? Well, colours enhance the user experience. And their experience does have an impact on your SEO page ranking. The last thing you want is a colour scheme that distracts or disorients readers.

Write or Die

For the procrastinator or the delayer, Write or Die is software that can kick you into high gear. For new bloggers/writers, writing every day is essential. It’s not that your writing skills will go rusty, but just getting into the habit of writing has some serious benefits for you as a blogger long-term.

This resource helps you get into the writing attitude as it places a timer on your writing work. Write or Die assigns a certain word count during an allotted time. If you don’t hit that word count, the program will delete everything. It’s a bad feeling when it happens, but it places pressure on you; and in this case, it’s a good thing.


For the college or university student, they have spell check; but in so many cases, spell check has failed us. If you’re looking to write professionally, take a look at Hemingway. This site shows you word count, but also helps you in forming better sentences and checks spelling and grammar. It even tells you what reading level your article is at, which is important to building your audience.


Commonly referred to as If This Then That, IFTTT is a cause-and-effect platform that can help in many areas. For one it’s a good way to share social media posts across various platforms, but there are some other convenient services to help you too. For example, you can send text reminders to take breaks, get weather updates, and more. It’s a handy tool for a lot of things.

Blog Topic Generator

A lot of people think writer’s block is real but I don’t believe that. While idea generation can be challenging, there are ample of resources to help with generating ideas. Take Blog Topic Generator. Developed by Hubspot, this resource does exactly what it says. Enter a noun and the generator will give you some article ideas.

Legal Bundle

I mentioned already you need a privacy policy, but there are a few other legal pages you might need. Specifically, there are two: a disclaimer and terms and conditions. Depending on your business, these might come into play and you might need them. This is where Legal Bundle comes in. It’s not a free resource, however you can get all three of these legal pages done for you for cheaper than other services.

Neil Patel’s Blog

Neil Patel is a top marketer and blogger who has created some fantastic tools and resources. He also produces a lot of content on anything marketing, giving you screen shots and detailed information. He explains it in such a simple way that someone with no marketing experience can understand it.

Pay attention to Neil if you’re struggling with SEO. He also has an awesome free tool called Ubersuggest that’s worth looking into.

Fat Joe

When starting out, you may be short on cash, and Fat Joe is a solid resource to help you out. Despite the name, Fat Joe is actually a marketing agency that works with a site called Bloggers Connected. When you decide to work with Fat Joe, the company will determine your blog’s “value” based on domain authority (higher authority is higher pay). From there, they’ll send you good quality content with plenty of links to external resources and to your pages as well. On top of that, they’ll pay you to post these already pre-made articles. It’s a good opportunity to build authority, content, and get paid to do it.


Once you build your audience, you need to provide them value. Some of those services can be freelance, but one other option is courses. Teachable is a good platform to consider as it’s good at creating courses you can sell. On top of this, it’s a good avenue to go if you plan to offer free courses, as there is no charge for creating free courses.

Sharethrough Headline Analyzer

The last resource to share is a headline analyzer called Sharethrough. There are plenty of headline analyzers, but this one provides a lot of detail as to what you can do better. It has a rigorous grading system and is a great tool to ensure you’re putting together great headlines.

Headlines are crucial to any piece of written content. It is most often the first thing someone will see and will determine whether they continue to read the article or not.

Can never go wrong with more resources

This is the tip of the iceberg for blogger tools. There are many other free tools and resources that can kickstart a career in writing and blogging. Not to mention, the sheer abundance of resources is enough to get any company to jump into blogging.