Does my business Need Social Media?

Social media marketing has quickly become one of the most highly sought after tools for web marketers. The ability to capture attention from various visitors without much work or investment on your part, is obviously intriguing. However, is it the most powerful tool at your fingertips?

Our answer is yes. To defend our position, we’ve outlined what it offers and how you can benefit as a small business owner.

What Social Media Provides to Businesses

There are countless benefits to using social media marketing. These include:

  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Increased web traffic
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Content Sharing
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Person-to-Person Communication

Each one of these benefits can broken down to explain the holistic outlook of social media marketing. There are so many ways you can run campaigns and connect to your visitors thanks to social media. Whether you choose Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, the benefits are truly endless.

What You Can Expect

Some small enterprises mistakenly believe that social media marketing isn’t beneficial to their small brand. However, the reality is that if you put out a social media campaign, you can actually increase your audience on the whole. Today, consumers expect all businesses to have social media sites. After all, how can they keep up to date with what you offer?

This does come with the added responsibility of maintaining and managing these social channels. It is not possible to create and populate once, allowing them to ‘age’. These channels are expected, and expected to be refreshed. They must be treated as an ongoing marketing effort.

Using the Right Channels

Speaking of the various social media outlets, choosing the right one to target can be a difficult task. Each brand has a unique audience and demographic. Twitter is typically targeted to younger audiences. Facebook holds the attention of a more mature audience, and Instagram is targeted towards all ages. However, it pays to do your research before you launch a campaign that you have to pay for. Otherwise, you could lose your audience and your money in the process.

Put simply, social media marketing can in fact be one of the most powerful tools available to you if you do your research and understand what it offers.