Month: July 2015

How to Avoid a Google Penalty?

Google search algorithmic updates or manual reviews sometimes leads to a negative impact on the search rankings of the websites. As a result of this algorithmic update, a variety of black-hat SEO technicalities might face an unwanted and undulating penalty which is known as Google penalty. Such an algorithm update by Google creates a lot …

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Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your Website and Increase Sales

Branding and Design Services

We all know that failing to have a website is a real problem for brick and mortar businesses.  If your website isn’t put together well, and you have have savvy competition, it is often the same as not having a site.  Overall, potential customers are more biased toward a well-built website than a substandard one. …

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3 Quick Fixes to Improve Search Results

Every website will at some point be crawled by a major search engine, assuming of course there is no ‘robots.txt’ preventing it.  To improve your ranking and overall search value, here are 3 quick fixes. The Title Tag | Why it is important for SEO A title tag is the single most important tag on …

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