Month: September 2015

How to speed up the loading time of your website

Taking charge of Page Load In the online world, speed is a critical element. A key factor in search engine optimization is to improve page load speed.  This will impact the search results directly, and can also improve the rate of conversions.  Sites like WebpageTest offer great reporting on trouble spots. Here are some simple tips for improving the …

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What Can I Do To Increase Traffic To My Website And My Business?

Today’s customers are very Internet savvy. They use the Internet as their number one resource when it comes to searching for products or services that they need. Shopping online is also catching up to being as popular as shopping from a real-life outlet. As such, business owners too have to become Internet savvy and use …

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Ten of Edmonton’s Best Web Sites in 2015

Edmonton Web Design companies proudly do some incredible work.  There are thousands of active and exciting businesses in the Edmonton area, and as many Websites for those businesses. Fresh, attractive and compelling design coupled with quality content are a great extension of business branding, and when done right they can be a cornerstone for marketing …

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