Month: November 2015

The Top 10 Mistakes that Make your Site Look Unprofessional

Entrepreneurs the world over constantly find themselves looking for a way to conserve their budget. Often, this leads small business owners to take matters into their own hands any way they can—especially when it comes to website design. Some reason that later down the line when their business is off the ground, they can hire …

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User Behaviour and Design for Mobile Platforms

Today, more people around the globe have access to smartphones than they do to clean water. That simple truth has led to a powerful reality—mobile behavior is tracked and scrutinized more than ever before. Designing for these mobile platforms requires special attention. For businesses, capitalizing on mobile behavior is critical to making the most of marketing …

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How Often Do You Need To Update Your Website

Websites - Laptop featuring a 'blog'

When you have a website that talks to the world about your business, service, or product, the question that naturally arises is “how often do you need to update your website?” First, let’s look at some reasons why you absolutely need to update your website! Google consistently ranks websites higher if they are updated regularly. …

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