Month: January 2016

Designers: Stop Being An Afterthought!

Web designers are responsible for building high quality, professional and responsive websites. Unfortunately, their input and ideas are often pushed aside to make room for marketing strategies. Because of this, most designers end up at the back of the line or the bottom of the list. Essentially, designers are people with a plan, be it …

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Mobile User Experience (UX)

Do you have a grand design in mind for your website or app? Are you excited to unleash your creativity and uber-modern ideas into the world? Before you jump head first into the treacherous waters of web design and mobile applications, you need to take stock of the details. The reality is even if your …

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Is Fear holding you back from digital success?

Fear of the unknown holds us all back from our true potential. This is even the case in organizations. Some cannot see past the veil of complexity that masks the digital landscape. Essentially, fear prevents companies and organizations from reaching their true potential. The power of digital tools is substantial but without the knowhow, many …

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