Month: March 2016

Why you should use Video on your Site

Video is the internet’s new content medium. Platforms like YouTube have encouraged young and old alike to share their personal content in a worldwide platform. Mobile phones have also increased the use of video, as everyone has access to a recording device. But there are even more reasons why having video on your website is …

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Online Marketing Strategy for Associations

Every association needs an online marketing plan to help share their goals and visions with membership and potential partners. Here’s an infographic to help you get started building your plan! How to Create an Online Marketing Plan for Associations and Non-Profits

Invisible Design and Your new Website

Multiple Brands on screen

What defines a good design? Is it an in-your-face colorful website, unmistakable even by the novice web user? Or is it something more subtle and understated? Most designers would argue it’s a mix a both, which is precisely what invisible design is all about. Let’s take things up a notch by defining exactly what invisible …

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