Month: February 2018

Three Tips to Make the most of every Blog post

Mtek Digital SEO
No matter how good your blog content is - without paying attention to these three tips - you won't get the best attention from Search engine indexing.  Watch and see what 3 things you can do to improve your blog strategy.

How to Upload and Install a WordPress Theme

Wordpress Tips from Mtek Digital
After you purchase a theme (from Themeforest, or elsewhere), you may not know what to do with the zip file you were given for download. This is a quick demonstration of how to install your theme files through a Wordpress account.

Gord Sheppard is the Meeting Maestro, and tech savvy too

Gord Sheppard is a meeting mastro - working with clients to develop techniques and strategy to make the most of valuable team time and maximize decision making opportunities.  Along the way - Gord has a number of tools that help him keep on track, and help his clients achieve more. Learn more about Gord at