Month: February 2018

Three Tips to Make the most of every Blog post

Mtek Digital SEO
No matter how good your blog content is - without paying attention to these three tips - you won't get the best attention from Search engine indexing.  Watch and see what 3 things you can do to improve your blog strategy.

How to Upload and Install a WordPress Theme

Wordpress Tips from Mtek Digital
After you purchase a theme (from Themeforest, or elsewhere), you may not know what to do with the zip file you were given for download. This is a quick demonstration of how to install your theme files through a Wordpress account.

Gord Sheppard is the Meeting Maestro, and tech savvy too

Gord Sheppard is a meeting mastro - working with clients to develop techniques and strategy to make the most of valuable team time and maximize decision making opportunities.  Along the way - Gord has a number of tools that help him keep on track, and help his clients achieve more. Learn more about Gord at

Is the I.T. Department managing your website?

Mtek Digital SEO
Small and medium businesses often outsource their websites to the same people that manage their IT needs. That's like getting your butcher to buy your spouses anniversary gift. (Not there is a problem with that of course, I know some very stylish butchers...) but it's not what they do BEST. Working with an experienced firm to ...

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