Month: February 2022

Cost Effective Data Security Best Practices in the Workplace

Security Solutions

Data security within the workplace is growing to be a larger concern for businesses. Fortunately, there is a lot of infrastructure and information broadly available. Security wise, some will suggest having a physical building check at the end of the work day. Other security measures can be as simple as checking vulnerabilities that could lead …

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How to unlock the root cause of computer incidents

Whether your computer is attacked or you run into a technical difficulty, the usual methods are to be reactive in these circumstances. However, we can no longer afford to do that as hackers are becoming more sophisticated and people are understanding the costs behind reacting to every technological problem. A proactive approach is more appropriate …

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Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning for Small Businesses

As cyberattacks keep rising year after year, the more need small businesses should have in formulating a backup plan and contingencies to recover from disasters. There have been several examples over the span of years where organizations experienced attacks and had to shut down their business for a period of time – or worse, indefinitely. …

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11 Data Integration Challenges In The Workplace and How To Solve Them

Email address, credit card info, shipping addresses, username information. Most businesses these days handle a lot of information about every one of us on a daily basis. More than most people realize. As users alone, we generate roughly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, and in order to keep it contained, companies are investing …

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