Month: April 2022

Is Antivirus necessary for my small business?

Without question, every small business owner knows that everything in their business is a priority. With a limited budget, small businesses need to ensure they’re getting the most results. Security isn’t always a top concern for many. Businesses today rely heavily on several digital components. If a computer or network gets compromised and businesses can’t …

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What is Social Engineering?

Social engineering is the technique involving manipulating people into giving away confidential information. Passwords to sites, banking information, credit card numbers, personally identifiable information. Anything goes. The types of information criminals are looking for can vary of course, along with the techniques that are used to tricking people. Regardless, it all falls back to something …

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The Pandemic’s Effect on Semiconductor Supply and the IT Industry

Even though COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, the effects of the pandemic on the global supply chain still linger. Before the pandemic, ordering a laptop was simple as it would arrive at its destination within a day or two after ordering. Due to supply chain issues and a shortage of semiconductors (also called chips) this …

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