4 Most Common Technology Issues Small Businesses are Facing

Technology today has become invaluable to every person and every business. With it, businesses can predict how far the business can go, remain competitive in their industry, and leverage opportunities that would be impossible without it.

Even though businesses understand the importance of technology, many don’t consider why it’s important to have a secure and stable IT system or why this should be one factor to consider before starting a business.

There are various compelling reasons to do this – or consider outsourcing these duties – namely in the form of technology issues businesses face. Here are some of the issues where upgrading technology would come in handy.

1. Data Recovery & Backup System

Even small businesses store a ton of data. Certainly not on the level of large businesses; however, the information is still significant and the procedures around protecting that data should be on the same level.

When businesses have no way of recovering data nor a backup system in place, they will ultimately be ruined in the event of a flood, fire, earthquake or a cyberattack compromises that data.

Being able to recover data through backup systems in-house, or in the cloud or in another location ensures that businesses can keep running in those events and not deal with large disruptions that could ruin them.

2. Getting The Right Upgrades For Everything

System upgrades, hardware and software upgrades too are a necessary part of any business. Technology is rapidly evolving to the point that what might be relevant today could be a serious downgrade in a year or two from now.

This makes sense when businesses consider how old and dated systems struggle to incorporate newer systems and software. Businesses can expect ongoing delays by staying with outdated technology.

On the other hand, having latest technology ensures businesses have more efficiency and security all around.

3. Security

Just like with large businesses, small companies are also prone to getting cyber threats. Today small businesses are becoming bigger targets as they lack the resources and the know-how to prevent cybercriminals from breaking into their systems.

Many small businesses often lack plans for data recovery and don’t always update their technology. These would be factors that make it difficult for cybercriminals to succeed.

Instead, many small businesses crumble under these attacks, closing shop for good. In the event the small business survives, recovering from that point – without those systems in place – is costly and difficult. It’s harder for businesses to bounce back as they must spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get new systems, upgrades, and more.

Network security should be a top priority in small businesses to ensure the safety of the data and the business’ employees.

4. Preventative Maintenance

Many small businesses decide to run technology until the machine eventually breaks down. During that time, they might be doing some maintenance, but others may not have time to do that at all.

In the end, this isn’t a good idea as it would require more resources and more time. Instead, it’s smarter for business owners to do routine maintenance on their systems. If something needs to be replaced, better to do it while all other machines are still functional.

Having preventive maintenance in mind will ensure equipment is fresh and durable.

Face These Issues Head On

Facing technology issues is difficult when there are several other duties business owners must deal with. Even though it’s understood that technology provides a competitive edge, what keeps that edge sharp is solving these challenges most small businesses face.

One way to ensure these problems never become an issue in the future, is to hire a managed IT service provider – or MSP – as it’s an affordable solution to businesses.

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