5 important facts every SMB owner needs to know about managed IT services

Businesses have grown and evolved to the point now that every business must rely on IT now more than ever. For many businesses, this reliance can be too much for them or their small team. As such, many are looking at managed service providers (MSPs) in order to get the high-tech IT infrastructure, software and assistance at an affordable price.

Although some are jumping at these opportunities, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are still not fully understanding how MSPs help their business move forward. To shed some light on it, here are five really important facts to keep in mind.

MSPs Do Save Businesses Time

To keep up with technology, cybersecurity, and other technological spaces, businesses need to turn to IT technicians for the job. Though that decision alone has several roadblocks:

  • First, there are several specializations in IT training — resulting in businesses having to find a specific IT technician for what they’re looking for
  • Second, the IT industry has a shortage of people able to do these tasks
  • Third, businesses will need to hire several full-time IT technicians so that the technicians have a manageable workload

These factors on top of training, paying, searching for these individuals, and having to repeat this whole process whenever any number of them quit, means a lot of money and time is spent.

Working with an MSP removes all those things as MSPs consist of several IT technicians. They also stay current with technology, so it also removes owners having to buy latest equipment too.

With an MSP on board, staff is able to turn their attention to other tasks like sales, advertising, and customer service.

MSPs Save Money

The amount of money saved when hiring an MSP will vary depending on what services companies have purchased. Nevertheless, companies that do hire an MSP will still be saving money in the end. One recent statistic points out that small business owners drop their costs by 40% when working with an MSP.

Why MSPs are so cost-efficient can come down to the following reasons:

  • As mentioned above, MSPs remove the need for companies to hire, train, and pay for IT technicians. It can also remove the need to cross-train employees as well who would expect a salary increase in return for performing additional duties.
  • Furthermore, small businesses don’t need to invest in the latest technology or equipment as MSPs will periodically do this. They handle the expenses of updating all technology.
  • MSPs offer scalable services which means they adjust their IT spending based on the needs of small business owners and their budget.

MSPs Make Everything More Secure

With more cyberattacks happening lately, small businesses can’t rest easy. After all, hackers will go after the easy targets and many small businesses do fit that description. The reason is simple: low or no security.

With an MSP working with businesses, they make sure they are as secure as they possibly can be and offer a reasonable price to ensure that and also maintain it. MSPs are using the latest technology so they will have the latest security programs and procedures to protect company files and data. This is on top of MSPs offering training to ensure common cybercrimes like phishing and malware attacks are mitigated.

MSPs Have Expert Advice

The IT industry is constantly evolving and improving. From hardware and software to general information, MSPs need to be staying up-to-date on this. All of this creates a scenario where if the technology they are using is a few years old, it’s already outdated.

Of course, with business owners, they don’t need to be keeping up with this. However, MSPs do have to in order to stay current and relevant. As a result, small businesses will be able to tap into the knowledge that experts in the IT industry offers.

That knowledge will come in handy as experts in IT will be able to face whatever kind of challenge business owners might experience. Examples are trouble accessing files, creating secure internal communication plans, backup and recovery plans, and many others.

Use MSPs For The Company’s Benefit

There are several MSPs and they all are very flexible. It results in business owners having full customization over the service they would like to have and for how long. It’s possible for business owners to be doing the following:

  • Hire a MSP for a one-time basis
  • Hire an MSP to handle tasks over a period of time. Examples are online customer service during busy seasons, or training employees
  • Delegate certain IT jobs to the MSP for them to do while keeping the other tasks in-house.

MSPs are very flexible and can offer a lot of benefits that a business could maximize on.

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