5 Reasons Why Scheduling Your Videos Matter


There are so many things that a business needs to keep track of when it comes to videos. There are all kinds of moving parts and it can be overwhelming to some. But one of the most crucial aspects one ought to keep in mind is whether there is a regular schedule for your videos or not.

Knowing this is key because video ideas come and go. Sometimes we get inspired and make several videos. And then for the next few weeks we get no ideas at all.

While it makes sense for us to be posting every video we create immediately, sometimes it might be sensible to hold back. Better yet to have a schedule for your videos. Here are some compelling reasons to follow that sort of method and to come up with your own schedule.


You Won’t Overwhelm Subscribers

A new video takes time to appear and get noticed. Sure you’ll get an initial surge in views around the time it gets uploaded, but there’s still other methods that boost it. Youtube will send subscriber notifications, and serve it up in emails that it sends out to people. Not to mention your own marketing efforts will be in there too.

Because of those tactics it takes time for a video to be noticed, watched and shared initially.

It’s for this reason if you are posting several videos at the very beginning of your video making career, you may be directly cannibalizing your reach and impact of your content.

So if you do have a spark of inspiration and make several videos, make a point of holding back many of them and serve them up one at a time.

Besides, doing that strategy will also feed into the next reason.


You Build Anticipation

One of the biggest strategies Youtubers use is the art of anticipation. If you have a regular schedule, you can build up excitement amongst your subscribers without even trying any marketing ploy.

All you need to do is make a point of telling people what your schedule is in the first place.

But by having this system set up, you can build that anticipation, especially if your videos are exciting, provide great value, and are highly entertaining to watch.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t need to be doing this every single day or every single week. There are many channels that can thrive off of making a video or two each month. The key to a schedule is having it clearly defined and letting people know when they can get that video.

Once people know, they will look forward to it no matter if they have to wait a week, two weeks, or even a month between each video.


You Challenge Yourself

A schedule also indirectly sets a challenge for you. By setting specific dates, it’s putting you into a position where you expect yourself to put out a certain amount of video output.

Not only is this a way of promising your subscribers you’ll deliver, but it’s a promise to yourself that you’ll follow through with this.

Remember that not every single video needs to be this massive project. There are all kinds of content that you can make and each one has its own unique method of editing involved. You can set up an interview, do some vlogs, have a Q & A video, and more.


A Schedule Boosts Ranking On YouTube

Some people get in their head that Youtube expects us to upload videos every single day or we will not rank very well. While there is some nugget of truth to that, it’s also important to know that’s not entirely the case.

Again many channels have grown exceptionally well despite uploading one or two videos each month.

Not every channel on Youtube is a daily video channel. But at the same time, they are still consistent in terms of their own content. And Youtube will still reward that.

If you upload a video every week you’ll get good SEO and if you keep that consistency, those videos will get ranked higher over time.


You’ll Save Time

One other aspect to scheduling your videos is that you’ll save yourself time in sense. Some people get in their head that if they are scheduling a video, they will put it off until the last minute before scrambling together a video.

While how you choose to work on your videos is up to you, that sounds exhausting. Not only that but if you put off making your video until you have to upload a video, you might make a sloppy video.

A schedule also serves as a reminder that you have an upcoming video. It keeps you on your toes and you may be able to work in advance on the project. In that sense you are saving time as you won’t feel rushed if you have a backlog of videos ready to be scheduled.


Schedule Your Videos

Scheduling your videos is a practice you want under your belt for these reasons and more. But the most important thing to keep in mind is make sure that the schedule you make is set to your liking. While some people push for daily videos, ask yourself if you can realistically do that.

Set a pace that works for you and stick to that. You’ll make better videos and your fans will love you for it.


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