5 Secrets of Super Successful Video Marketing

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Video marketing is quickly taking over the online marketing strategies. (Clearly something we’re passionate about!) In fact, some research shows that video marketing makes up 69% of all consumer traffic and mobile video ads are growing at a rate of 5 times faster than landing pages and are 800% more frequently converted.

Without further ado, here are five ways you make your video marketing a success.

Make it about the Story, not the Sale

Your video should be an attractive story that is focused on talking about the journey, not about making a big sale. Focus on the value you’re offering your customers and less on what you can get from them. Also, make the story emotive by appealing to your audience’s hidden needs. Don’t be scared you’ll lose your leads either. This approach entices far more people to your company.

Shave it down to 10 seconds for the best results

Roughly one-fifth of your viewers click away from videos within 10 seconds. That means the first 10 seconds of your video must be compelling. Start by sparking their curiosity with teasers that gain their attention. Within those 10 seconds, convey exactly why they should continue to watch the video.

Don’t be so serious.

Whatever you do, avoid making a boring video that has nothing to do with your product. Your audience wants to laugh, learn something new or feel engaged. Pull them away from their boring reality with an exciting video that speaks to their emotions. Humor is a powerful tool, so use it whenever possible!

Optimize your video.

Now that you’ve made a killer video, you definitely want it to be found. That’s why you have to optimize it for search engines. Tag it with as many keywords as possible and be sure to host it on your own domain. Enable embedding on your video to get more inbound marketing links. And don’t forget to use video sitemaps. Your description is incredibly important as well. Tell people what the content entails and use relevant keywords and unique titles.

Prove yourself to be the best

About 65% of people are visual learners. You can use this to your advantage. Educate your audience about your product and service to position yourself as a thought leader or brand authority in your niche. Videos are a great resource to do this with.


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