5 Things to Consider for the Hybrid Workplace

As a result of the pandemic, the workplace has fundamentally shifted. For 18 months, remote work became the default. And now that businesses are opening back up again, they recognize how important remote work is and how mixing work from home and onsite could be beneficial.

These days, several businesses are thinking about hybrid workspaces – a blend between working from home and working in an office. It sounds appealing; however, there are some things to consider before fully committing to the idea.


With hybrid workplaces, the biggest and important consideration is security. In the office workspace, sensitive files, important documents, and client data are all stored there. Employees are going to need access to that information at home through their home network rather than company network.

Security by nature is a constant balance between proactive and reactive defenses as well. Both detection and prevention need to be fully optimized as well for this new environment.

The biggest concern is the employees working at home and their security setup should be prioritized.


After security comes how data can be accessed. The cloud is the best solution as cloud software will have protections in place. Having an infrastructure for the cloud will help and there are various solutions.

Collaborative Software

Many organizations choose Microsoft Teams for their collaborative software but there are other options such as Slack, or Google Teams. Nevertheless, collaborative software is pivotal as it’s a way for groups to communicate amongst each other, share data, and collaborate on several projects. This is on top of participating in meetings and events.

This bridges the gap between communication with other teams and these collaborative tools often come with other essentials to ensure remote workers are always included.

Voice Calling Software

For businesses using Microsoft Teams, Teams Voice is available to provide secure, reliable and high-quality calls across multiple locations and devices. Alternatively, businesses can look to Google Meets, Zoom, or Skype for video or conference calls as well.

Nevertheless, this is another essential feature and consideration to have when dealing with a hybrid workplace.

Digital Rooms

Microsoft Teams also has Teams Rooms which allow organizations to connect with people across the hybrid workplace. Alternatively, organizations should have a central hub area where people can communicate privately or in groups.

Remote Work Is Here To Stay

The pandemic made so many people realize how remote work can benefit organizations and employees’ lives. While getting back to the office can be important for company culture, productivity, and creativity, remote work has grown to a point that the benefits can’t be ignored.

Melding the two of these dynamic and flexible work experiences is something that employees are looking for. As such, it’s important to ensure that businesses adapt to the change and have in place the systems needed to do this well.

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