6 Types of Marketing Video to Build your Brand and Engage with a Market

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every brand needs a video marketing strategy. However, video marketing is changing. Today is no longer just one piece of your strategy, it is a central role in your outreach efforts. To start out on the right foot, here are some of our most recommended types of marketing videos.

The Product Demonstration

This is a simple type of video that allows you to show focus how your product works. You can do a tour of your company or you can showcase your software in an unboxing video.


Brand videos allow you to highlight your company’s mission, products and services, and vision. However, the ultimate goal is to build awareness about your company and to engage with your target audience.

Event Features

Event videos could be videos about your conference, fundraiser, or any other type of event that you host. Essentially, they are a highlight reel of your business doing what it does best. Whether that is presenting or interviewing clients.

Video Interview

Interviewing your company’s experts is a great way to establish brand authority and to build trust with your audience. You can start by finding influencers in your industry and filming a discussion between all of you.


If you want to inform your audience, then educational, how-to videos are a great idea. They build knowledge in your audience and aid your audience in better understanding your business and solutions. This is a powerful tool that you shouldn’t overlook.

“Explainer” Videos

Explainer videos are helpful in assisting your audience in understanding why they need your product and/or service. In most cases, these videos focus on a fictional character who represents your buyer persona. They’ll be able to relate to that problem because they share the same struggles. Your business’s solutions are the answer for them in the video.

If you want to tap into video marketing, there is no time like the present. Consider this information and see how far your video marketing campaign can go.


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