7 Tips on making Engaging Videos

When getting into videos, people think it all comes down to the description. Getting people to the actual video is half the battle.

Well…not really.

Over the years, we’ve come to learn there is a difference between getting someone to click on a video and actually watching it. This is why over the years, Youtube has changed their ranking system. The highest ranking videos today are those with more people watching longer.

As a result, this has sparked all kinds of techniques that companies regularly test. Some techniques work, while others do not fare so well. Nevertheless, here are some strategies to keep in mind if you want your videos to be more engaging.

Don’t wrestle with the Algorithm

Over the past several years there have been many techniques created to game the algorithm. From uploading a video as a “live video,” to hunting down unusual loopholes, people have used all kinds of strategies to game the system.

The reality is, that like with SEO, the rules and grading methods shift day after day and year after year. While one technique will work now, it’s hard to say if it’ll continue.

Want to know what is consistent though? Focusing on your keywords, video titles, and producing video on a regular basis. If you are consistent in producing content that people love and generate value for everyone involved, this will be more successful that finding that hack.

Know your Audience

Are you able to describe your audience in detail? How old are they? What social media channels do they usually hang out on? What are their hobbies? What are some words that capture their attention? What sort of problems do they have that you can solve?

These questions seem complex at first, but over time you should be able to answer these easily. Never make assumptions that you know everything that the market and your audience needs.

Devote time to learning about them, and researching them. You may want to create personas for your target audience to enhance your marketing efforts.

Have a Reason for them to stay around

A lot of lists similar to this will suggest to not display your logo right at the beginning of your video, and for good reason. You need to hook people into your video in the first three to five seconds. If you’re showing off a logo in that time, it’s likely not a good enough reason for people to stick around.

Instead of your logo, demonstrate the benefits they’ll get from watching. This means announcing your main point, setting the tone, or making them curious to see more.

Have a Plan before Recording

I’ve said time and again, having a plan is key. That’s because quality videos aren’t just rolled together on the fly. There is some level of thought put behind them. Some aspects of planning to consider include:

  • Do you have a shot list? That’s a list of all the shots you need for your video.
  • Do you need a story board?
  • Do you need props? If so, do you have a prop list?
  • How about a B-roll? This is a sort of backup of clips that can help in making your video come to life while editing.

Knowing whether you need these components and setting them up will make your video better all around.

Have plenty of energy

Passion and energy on camera can keep people interested in your videos. Why? Well let me ask, have you ever watched a full video where the speaker was monotone and dull? Probably not.

Because it’s boring.

We stay hooked to movies and to stand-up comedians because they are louder and have more energy, which in turn affects their audience.

So how can you have more energy? Try speaking louder than usual and work on animated body language. It’s weird, but it’ll make for an engaging video.

Take some Risks

Once you grasp what your audience is all about, the next thing is to take some leaps and calculated risks. In every niche there are untested assumptions, so don’t be afraid to shake up common beliefs and create a few tests.

If this is something you believe in, this can show you think unconventionally. But also can help you uncover new ways of doing things for your audience that might work.

Keep an eye on Headlines and Descriptions

The last tip is to look over your headlines and descriptions. Again, SEO is a big deal, and that means reviewing your keywords and making sure they’re included in your headlines and tags. Turn to Google’s Keyword Planner to see what people are looking for.

Make Engaging Videos Now

Engaging video production is a science. It’s understanding how people think, and making adjustments to keeping their eyes on your videos. During production but also before and after too. When you consider these tips, you’ll not only step up the quality of your video, but the engagement will profit too.