8 Top Reasons for Outsourcing Your IT Management

When business owners think of outsourcing their IT management, one of the biggest reasons is the cost savings that come along with it. Several third-party sources offer variable costs that allow businesses to budget effectively based on their priorities. It’s a stark comparison to the fixed costs of hiring, training, and paying for new recruits for a team in-house – typically costing businesses $55,000 to $85,000 per year per person.

While saving money is a compelling enough reason for most businesses, there are other reasons Small or Medium Businesses (SMB) would consider outsourcing IT management:

More Internal Resources

When businesses are taking away tasks from their in-house team (or from themselves) and transferring them to a third-party, this frees up more resources. Businesses and business owners will have more time to focus on other things rather than worry about several IT duties.

Instead, business owners can put their attention on key internal functions that add value or expand the business.

Apart from businesses whose IT would be central to their product or service, it makes sense for them to consider outsourcing these tasks. On top of the cost savings, those savings can go directly into the products or services the business provides.

More Focus On Core Business Aspects

Every person in an organization has limited time. If they’re also tasked with a lot of complex IT decisions or maintenance, that will take away time for what they are meant to do.

Similar to freeing up resources, time is an invaluable resource to people and can be the one big factor that causes businesses to bottleneck their entire operation. And IT can be one of the reasons businesses do bottleneck.

This gets removed when outsourcing IT as that team will do everything behind the scenes and troubleshoot any issues. All the while, business owners and their employees will be able to focus on more important tasks.

More Competitive And Efficient

Even when businesses have their own IT team in-house, the IT department knows that a lot of research and development cycles are needed before implementing anything within the organization. This takes a lot of time – which is a precious resource. However, businesses need to go through those cycles in order to stay competitive in their industry.

When technology was slowly changing, this was easy to keep up with. However, with technology rapidly changing and growing, in-house teams struggle to keep up. Outsourcing therefore is a cost-effective solution that also allows businesses to implement changes right away.

The reason is simple, either the outsourced team has tested the technology and implemented it already in the past, or they will assist in-house teams to go through the cycle faster. Regardless, the implementation speed will be significant and give businesses more of an edge over the competition.

IT Planning

When technology isn’t the core part of a business, business owners will struggle to stay on top of the latest technology. Outsourcing IT management will allow IT service providers to help businesses stay current. MSPs work to stay current on all technology.

Furthermore, managed IT Service providers also advise business owners on changes that are relevant to their business and industry, allowing business owners to make informed choices on technology solutions.

Removal Of The Hiring And Training Process

One thing many business owners don’t understand is the IT field has multiple specializations. Businesses can’t simply hire a single individual to do all the IT duties. A team is required.

This is a difficult barrier to overcome for multiple reasons. The end result for businesses is there will be a lot of time and money spent on searching, interviewing, hiring, and training individuals.

Outsourcing the IT management requirements is easier as MSPs have the teams built and are composed of experts with higher levels of skill and technological know-how.

Doing this also frees up Human Resources from recruiting and interviewing individuals from the IT sector.

IT Problems Are Less Unique

An in-house IT team is often isolated in terms of their exposure to various IT problems. That team only gets exposure to the specific problems that a single business encounters. As a result, the number of problems that are unique to the business will be countless.

With outsourced IT teams, they work with multiple businesses and have a larger scope of exposure to various problems. What might be unique to a specific business, the MSP might’ve seen the same situation in another client they worked with in the past.

This results in shared experiences that can lead to faster problem-solving.

Less Downtime

Managed IT support providers put in place various plans as safeguards to situations. If there is a particular IT issue that occurs, the MSP will deal with it promptly. This reduces system downtimes and other disruptions from business operations.

Managed IT support providers understand that the more time businesses are dealing with technical errors, the more money is being lost due to various reasons. The faster the problems are dealt with, the less profits will be lost due to interruptions.

Higher Employee Morale And Wellbeing

Whenever the internet is disrupted, a computer crashes or takes too long to load something, or a piece of technology stops working, employees can feel stressed or anxious. Even if it happened for a short period of time, those emotions tend to linger for a bit longer and result in lost productivity, worry over security, or worry over losing work data.

When IT support is outsourced and managed, employees will be able to have more peace of mind knowing that technicalities are being dealt with behind the scenes by experienced professionals. This can also increase morale too as they put more trust in the business itself.

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