Gord Sheppard is the Meeting Maestro, and tech savvy too

Gord Sheppard is a meeting mastro – working with clients to develop techniques and strategy to make the most of valuable team time and maximize decision making opportunities.  Along the way – Gord has a number of tools that help him keep on track, and help his clients achieve more. Learn more about Gord at http://createawesomemeetings.com/

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Mtek Digital SEO

Is the I.T. Department managing your website?

Small and medium businesses often outsource their websites to the same people that manage their IT needs. That’s like getting your butcher to buy your spouses anniversary gift. (Not there is a problem with that of course, I know some very stylish butchers…) but it’s not what they do BEST. Working with an experienced firm to…

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Google Account

What is Trust and Why Does it Matter to SEO

Keeping up with Google’s SEO policies is eerily similar to chasing train boxcars—they’re pretty much impossible to keep up with. One facet that remains the same is Google’s faith in trustworthy sites. But what is ‘trust’ in the online world? How can you make sure your site is considered ‘trustworthy,’ and how does it affect…

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