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Podcast Studio Rentals have been temporarily suspended due to Covid-19.

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Edmonton studio, audio equipment, and support for Podcast Production.

Podcasting is a great way to reach and audience and build a following.  Share what you know, your ideas, your perspective, and your voice.  Getting great sound and consistency for your podcast however, can mean a pretty hefty financial outlay.  Particularly if you need to equip yourself for 3 or more speakers.

Mtek Digital offers a Podcast space designed for recording and video capture, that can handle up to four hosts and even a call in contributor.  We offer 2 configurations allowing you to either shoot against a green screen, or a simple black environment – whichever suits your needs best.

Visitors to Edmonton

If you’re travelling to Edmonton, and need a place to record – get in touch as we’d be happy to help you out on short notice!

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Podcast Studio Rental and Services

How Mtek can Help you get your Podcast up and running

BYO Podcast Rate

This is the ideal solution for someone who understands the ‘how’ but needs access to a space, and the sound equipment to produce high quality podcast content, without the large one time costs often associated with starting a podcast.  Record a single session, no strings attached.  Ideal if you want to try a concept before jumping in with both feet!   This is also a recommendation for those who visit Edmonton, but need to record a podcast on the road without having to try to set up in a hotel!

Includes Studio & Audio Equipment Rental

 Flat Rate:

  • Room for up to 3-4 presenters
  • Bluetooth for Call-in Contributors, 1/8″ audio line in.
  • Direct voice recording on Rodecaster Pro (Micro SD)
  • Studio space (Green screen chroma wall, or Simple black keylighted wall)

You Provide:

  • Class 10 or better SDHC Micro SD Card (16gb minimum)
  • Headphones for monitoring (each speaker – over the ear work best)
  • There is space for a videographer or camera if you choose to bring your own person for this. Studio must be returned to original state should you choose to hang a background or change positioning of seating / equipment.  Ladder and clamps will be provided, and a ceiling rail for backgrounds available

No editing, mastering or content control is provided in this rate.  Your fees cover rental of the space, microphones, and sound board.  Rental use of a single position camera is available for BYO Podcasts for 25$/session.

MP3 Sample direct from a Multi-track .wav file from the board.
[Download – 722kb .mp3]

Save $75 by purchasing 5 hours at once – $300 to be used over a maximum of 4 sessions.

(Pre-buy provides two 60, and two 90 minute sessions – or one 2 hour, and three 1 hour sessions!)

Full Service Podcast Recording Rates

For those who aren’t technically comfortable with setting up a studio at home, or in their office.  Mtek Digital can provide full capture capability – both audio and video.  The rental rate for the room is a fixed hourly rate, and additional services are available at our standard consulting rate.  This includes a person, equipment to do video capture, lighting setup and background, managing data transfer, and more.  This can be a much more costly method for recording, but eliminates the whole cost of equipment and training.  Mtek Digital can even provide a fully prepared video file with synchronized audio that can be provided to your editors for completion.  In specialized cases, Mtek Can work with you to create the branding elements needed to create a ‘complete’ podcast – in essence – becoming a ‘producer’ of your podcast creating a complete end to end solution for podcasting.

Studio & Audio Equipment Rental

 Flat Rental Rate:

  • Room for up to 3-4 presenters
  • Bluetooth for Call-in Contributors
  • Direct voice recording on Rodecaster Pro (Micro SD)
  • Studio space (Green screen chroma wall, backgrounds, or Simple black keylighted)

Additional Studio Tech Services

In addition to rental

  •     Sound / Camera operator
  •     Custom Lighting / Background setup
  •     1080p video capture (with videographer)
  •     Data transfer to your storage media

Final content will be delivered to your own High speed / High capacity memory cards or portable HDD’s.  Typically, one hour of .wav audio is between 4-10 GB, and one hour of 1080p video is 16-40 GB.

Full Service Podcast Production Options

Full Service (minimal)

We provide: Studio rental, Rodecaster Pro, Audio Technica AT-2020 mics, Static camera position / and Video capture (Mastered audio, synced / edited video)

  • 1 hour session with Audio/Video
  • Basic audio mastering
  • Basic video edit with audio sync

Includes 30 Minutes of setup time (studio and one camera) 1 hour capture, audio mastering, audio/video sync.

Client receives source Audio and Video files, in addition to synced output video.



Full Service

We provide: Studio rental, Rodecaster Pro, Audio Technica AT-2020 mics, Static camera position / and Video capture (Mastered audio, synced / edited video) with in-studio technician.

Audio, Video (Mastered audio, synced / edited video, production audio/bumper)

  • 90 minute session (30 min setup, 60 capture)
  • Audio sync, video editing, addition of titles as required, audio additions (intro/outro music etc.)

Includes – 30 minute setup / studio alterations (set changes), 1 hour capture, studio tech (camera / sound), audio/video sync, content edits, output audio mastering (ready for upload), overdub of custom audio. 

(Edits and changes at 90$/hr.)



+ Licencing costs for additional audio