Are Project Management Tools Only for Project Managers?

In the project management world, it’s easy to think that this only applies to project managers. However, using that blanket statement means depriving yourself of some very helpful tools and understanding more about project management and reaping its benefits.

Below are the basics of project management tools and how they’re not just for project managers.

What Are They?

First, it’s important to ask what they are… and the answer is simple: project management tools are meant to help individuals or teams with managing projects and tasks effectively.

The term is particularly used for project management software that you either have to buy online or you can use for free.

Despite the name though, the tools are clearly not just for project managers. They can be customized and designed to fit any company’s needs or goals.

What Features Do They Have?

Project management tools come with all kinds of different features. Most of them include the following:

  • Planning/scheduling: Allowing you to plan and delegate work in one convenient place. You’ll be able to create tasks, subtasks, folders, templates, workflows, and calendars.
  • Collaboration: These platforms have alternate mediums for communication beyond email. Things like instant messaging will allow you to work with your team better on all kinds of projects and tasks.
  • Documentation: File management systems can be a nightmare to dig through. Project management tools improve that by ensuring you have access to the most current files.
  • Evaluation: You’ll be able to track and assess productivity and your growth through these platforms.

Project Management Tools Can Be Used by Everyone

Based on the features alone, it’s clear that project management tools have various benefits for all companies. Your business will be able to streamline a few processes such as file management and communication, and increase productivity. Best of all, some of these tools are free to use so they have no cost at all except for the time to learn how to use them.

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