Mtek Digital is a a Web Development company in Edmonton Alberta, Canada. Formerly known as Microtek Corporation, we provide traditional website and custom web application development services but focus on creating Online Marketing solutions to drive customer engagement and Brand Value for clients. Using a combination of Video Capture, and Client Interviews - we create regular content on your site that can build your brand, develop your authority, and create real sustainable website traffic. Learn more about us at


Dycor Technologies are dedicated to delivering tried and tested solutions for industrial process control and data acquisition applications worldwide. Whether you need a system to work under tough climate conditions, have an operational problem that requires creativity to solve, or just want a technology solution that meets your specific requirements and works in the real world,…

Mtek’s 4-Day Edmonton Online Marketing Course – CAJG Eligible!

The Edmonton Online Marketing Course is directed at individuals and small business owners who want to be empowered for their own online marketing efforts and would like to get a head start rather than diving in blind. for more information.

How to host your own zoom events

Creating a small Zoom enabled event is a great way to bring talented speakers and presenters together for your Association, Board, or Chapter Meetings. The equipment featured here is ideal for enabling a Zoom presentation for your group of say 10-50. With some simple inexpensive equipment, you can easily host a speaker and provide them with a view of their audience, as well the ability to interact in real time.


Dycor Technologies proudly launches SmartVueTM, a sunlight-readable touchscreen display, measurement, and control device responding to industry’s need for a wide temperature range, LCD graphical display touchscreen meter. SmartVue has been our clients for a while so when they came back to update their site design, we were more than happy to help. The site focuses…


Dycor Technologies Ltd. is the exclusive Canadian distributor for dataTaker products, the best-in-class data loggers for both general purpose and specialized applications across a broad range of industries. We updated their website to a more modern and user friendly design, making sure to explain their product clearly to their users. CLIENT: Dycor Technologies Ltd. DATE: October 2018…