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Turning an outdated website from old style HTML / PHP into a modern, mobile responsive Wordpress layout. Redesign included a fresh style for the homepage, multipage design for a client that needed a fast and upgraded online representation of their business. CLIENT: Alberta Communication Cable Services Inc. DATE: March 2020 SCOPE: Website Design WEBSITE:

Battery Electric

A longtime client needed to refresh their website with a new modern template to ensure their online presence was staying ahead of the game. The new design gave a new flavour to their homepage, and provided a better mobile experience for their customers. Their change coordinates with other online initiative that will include video and…

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How To Respond To Negative Reviews

While reviews are great for SEO and you need them for various reasons sometimes they’re not all that great. Sometimes we get hit with some negative reviews. Whether it’s a bad experience or a lack of a feature, there are a number of reasons for why people post negative reviews. But what if I told you those negative reviews are all a good thing? After I explain how we ought to react and respond to negative reviews, my hope is for you to realize one thing: Bad reviews give you power.