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Alberta Ombudsman

Alberta Ombudsman responds to complaints of unfair treatment by provincial government authorities, municipalities, and other designated professional organizations. OMB’s old site had a good layout and just needed an update in appearance. We’ve added in new graphics and styling, making it clear what was the main heading versus a subheading. Strong CTAs are added to…

Public Interest Commissioner

Alberta Public Interest Commissioner aims to promote a culture within the public sector that encourages employees and management to report wrongdoings in their workflow. We updated their graphics and created a more modern design. With this, we created clearer CTAs to the site. The content has a consistent layout throughout the pages. CLIENT: Alberta Public…

Three ways businesses use their websites wrong

3 Ways to Use your Website, and why you’re Doing it Wrong.

Let’s talk about the three ways businesses tend to use their websites and how most of them are doing it wrong. So there are three ways businesses tend to use their website. Number one, they use it as a business card. Number two, they use it for marketing or number three, they use it to replace sales people.