Best and Worst Practices for 2016 Web Design

Every year the internet changes which in turn changes the trends of website design. Let’s take a look at the best and worst practice for 2015 web design down below.

Worst Practices

Clickbait – Clickbait is the worst. It distracts from any quality content on your website and takes away from your design. Avoid it at all costs.

Flash Player Requirements – Flash Player can be one of the greatest pains in the neck for people who visit your website. It soaks up their precious time and causes many people to move on to another site, possibly your competitor.

Autoplay – Autoplay is closely related to Flash Player, in that it requires so much effort on the part of your customers. It also tends to prevent pages from loading correctly and it definitely prevents mobile users from accessing your content.

Failure to Optimize Images – Images are critical to your web design, however, if they aren’t optimized they could be preventing traffic from coming to your website. This is critical for responsive design.

Best Practices

Responsive Design – Responsive design is a must-have in 2015. If you refuse to make the transition, fully expect to see a massive drop off in your traffic.

Long-form Content – Instead of click-thru content, try implementing long-form content into your site as best as possible.

Mobile-First Design – Consider implementing mobile-first design with progressive improvement for bigger screens.

Real Time Feedback – If you have a forum on your website, real time feedback should be a top priority for you. Instead of making your visitors guess the appropriate formatting, use auto tabbing and automatic formatting as people type in their response.

By implementing the right tactics and strategies, your website can enjoy high search results and a loyal following.