The Pros and Cons of Using a Micro-Web Service Versus Building a Full Website

people having a meeting around a laptop

Having an online presence remains a core requirement for building a business. While social media is powerful as a networking and content marketing tool, the traditional website is foundational for establishing credibility and capturing traffic in your marketing funnel.  The options for building a website are plentiful with a variety of tools and methods available. …

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Are IT Risk Assessments a Necessity?

Technology today has provided businesses with powerful tools, applications, and other resources that have changed the economy and how business is conducted. But along with those changes brings many risks in the form of cyber criminals. Individuals who infiltrate networks to leverage data for malicious purposes. Cybercrime is a major concern for all businesses across …

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Where Should You Implement Intrusion Prevention Systems in your IT Infrastructure

The more the online world matures, the more people have a better understanding of how empowerment works. While this can result in several positive developments and breakthroughs, there is also a criminal side to the internet. A side that constantly makes threats and disruptions for those working to carry out their legitimate day-to-day operations. Fortunately, …

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What are the Different Types of Phishing Attacks?

Phishing attacks are a form of social engineering attacks that offer a wide range of targets depending on who the attacker is. In some instances it can be a generic scam email that is looking for anyone with a PayPal account while in other cases it can be a more well thought out and directed …

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Benefits of Auditing Your IT Department

For years now, IT auditors have spent a considerable amount of time persuading businesses that performing audits on their own IT department is valuable and worthwhile. However, when companies don’t understand why an IT audit is useful, it can be overlooked, brushed aside, or poorly performed. What is an IT Audit? An IT audit covers …

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5 Things to Consider for the Hybrid Workplace

As a result of the pandemic, the workplace has fundamentally shifted. For 18 months, remote work became the default. And now that businesses are opening back up again, they recognize how important remote work is and how mixing work from home and onsite could be beneficial. These days, several businesses are thinking about hybrid workspaces …

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The LastPass Breach, and How it Might Affect You 

LastPass Security Passwords

In August of 2022, LastPass announced that one of their developer accounts had been compromised, with the attackers having stolen some of their source code. They said at the time that none of their customer data had been taken. However, in December, they announced that information gathered during that attack had subsequently been used to …

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Attorney-client Privilege Extends to Client Data

Attorney-client privilege offers a great deal of protection to clients. It’s to the point that this can make them feel secure if any sensitive information ever falls into the wrong hands. The unfortunate part is client data itself doesn’t always have these privileges. And as data breaches in the legal sector continue to rise, most …

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What Canada’s Data Privacy Laws Mean for Your Small Business

Running a small business means not only following the tax policies and guidelines, but also abiding by Canada’s data privacy laws. That’s becoming more and more important for businesses now as any business today collects, stores, and shares clients’ digital information. As a result, consumers have become increasingly concerned with how the data is being …

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Cybersecurity Updates – December 2022

Authentication Types Passwords Security

Cybersecurity Topics in This Month’s Update: Understanding Authentication Types MFA Fatigue Attacks are an Ongoing Threat to Business Understanding Authentication Types With the recent news talking about how Google is adding support for passwordless authentication to Chrome and Android, you might be wondering what all this means to you, and how this all works.  I …

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