Karen Unland of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB

Karen Unland of the Alberta Podcast Network

Karen Unland, president of the Alberta Podcast Network, explains the technology currently used to create and distribute podcasts. Podcasts are very powerful way to intimately reach a captive audience. They are listening with both ears and their whole heart. Learn more about Karen at: https://www.albertapodcastnetwork.com/ https://seenandheardyeg.com/ https://seenandheardyeg.com/2017/10/23/interlude-episode-1-of-thats-a-thing/ Transcript Follows: My name is Karen Unland. I’m…

Nelson Scott

Meet presenter, trainer, and employee motivation expert Nelson Scott

Nelson is an Edmonton business coach specializing in talent acquisition and interviewing skills, as well as an employee motivation and experience consultant. Because of thought leaders like Nelson – employers find the right people and ensure those employees are happy, motivated, and inspired. Learn more about Nelson at http://greatstaffrecognition.comĀ and http://www.seaconsultingonline.com Transcript: My name’s Nelson Scott.…


Google Top Contributor Mike Blackmore talks Technology with Mtek Digital

Mike Blackmore is all about connecting consumers and his clients. With the “Top Contributor” title from Google and certification from nearly every social media advertising giant, he takes his technology seriously. https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeblackmore https://twitter.com/MikeInEdmonton https://www.bigclick.ca Join us as we talk to Mike Blackmore about the tools that keep him engaged, on-schedule, and delivering for his clients!…