Logo Design

A logo is the centrepiece of a corporate brand. It’s sets the visual tone for an entire brand through the selection of typeface, color and graphical elements. Here are some examples of logos we’ve designed (some were only conceptual) which we were excited to create.

Business Card Development

The natural step beyond a new logo is the business card. We will often create a business card to accompany a logo concept so our clients can see how their brand looks in typical design application.

Client: Federation Advisory (Front & Back)

Client: Escape Massage & Wellness (Front & Back)

Client: Pinnacle Group Renovations (Front & Back)

Client: ACAT Metal Drilling (Front Only)

Brochure & Promotional Marketing

We’ve designed various brochures, booklets, catalogues, and promotional designs for our clients, Here are a few samples of out designs:

Client: Westquip Diesel Sales (16 Page Brochure)

Client: Western Commercial Lighting (27 Page Catalogue)

Client: Dycor Technologies (4 Page Smartvue Product Brochure)

Client: Rigging Resource Centre (Tri-Fold Brochure)

Client: Groundworx (4 Page Monthly Product Brochure)

Client: Western Commercials Lighting (Single Promo Sheet)

eBook Layout & Design

Layout design for multi-page documents in the form of eBooks is a growing trend. Here are a few samples of our designs:

David Papp’s Safe Social Networking Guide (45 Page eBook)

Microtek’s Service Guide Booklet (20 Page eBook)

Building a Successful Website on a Budget (26 Page eBook)