Where to promote your video content online

Where to promote your video Content Online!

2018 Online marketing comes in many forms. When you’ve walked away from billboards (expensive!) and the Yellow Pages (what’s a phone book?) how can you target local markets? Online advertising through Google, YouTube, Facebook and other services allows you direct access to potential customers already ‘consuming’ content!

Karen Unland of the Alberta Podcast Network powered by ATB

Karen Unland of the Alberta Podcast Network

Karen Unland, president of the Alberta Podcast Network, explains the technology currently used to create and distribute podcasts. Podcasts are very powerful way to intimately reach a captive audience. They are listening with both ears and their whole heart. Learn more about Karen at: https://www.albertapodcastnetwork.com/ https://seenandheardyeg.com/ https://seenandheardyeg.com/2017/10/23/interlude-episode-1-of-thats-a-thing/ Transcript Follows: My name is Karen Unland. I’m…