5 Things to Consider for the Hybrid Workplace

As a result of the pandemic, the workplace has fundamentally shifted. For 18 months, remote work became the default. And now that businesses are opening back up again, they recognize how important remote work is and how mixing work from home and onsite could be beneficial. These days, several businesses are thinking about hybrid workspaces …

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The LastPass Breach, and How it Might Affect You 

LastPass Security Passwords

In August of 2022, LastPass announced that one of their developer accounts had been compromised, with the attackers having stolen some of their source code. They said at the time that none of their customer data had been taken. However, in December, they announced that information gathered during that attack had subsequently been used to …

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4 Most Common Technology Issues Small Businesses are Facing

Technology today has become invaluable to every person and every business. With it, businesses can predict how far the business can go, remain competitive in their industry, and leverage opportunities that would be impossible without it. Even though businesses understand the importance of technology, many don’t consider why it’s important to have a secure and …

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How MSPs help you stay ahead of security threats

Operators of ransomware have doubled their efforts on attacks by removing data before it’s able to be encrypted at all. This new avenue allows ransomware operators to demand payment or else they will sell or publish the data online. In other cases, ransomware attacks are targeting backup files. Your disaster recovery choices are restricted if …

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Cost Effective Data Security Best Practices in the Workplace

Security Solutions

Data security within the workplace is growing to be a larger concern for businesses. Fortunately, there is a lot of infrastructure and information broadly available. Security wise, some will suggest having a physical building check at the end of the work day. Other security measures can be as simple as checking vulnerabilities that could lead …

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Should You Use G Suite Or Office 365?

When companies start moving files and their systems to the cloud, business owners are faced with one crucial decision: which platform is suitable for the business, G Suite or Office 365? The answer to that question depends mostly on where the company stands. Depending on the size, expected growth, and technical needs one does look …

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3 Effective Steps To Deal With Any Ransomware

Ransomeware is a concept that’s been making its ways through the news more often, and it shouldn’t be surprising that this will happen even more in the future. Ransomware has been a popular method of attack since the pandemic. But also attackers are exploiting the fact that victims neglect certain things or lack expertise. For …

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Why you need a Privacy Policy (Episode 6)

Do you have a website? Do you have a privacy policy? Does it really matter? Google’s actually making that an integral part of the search engine ranking algorithm.

Trust Factors in SEO

Greg Scratchley Google Trust

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Trust is a critical factor in Google’s search algorithm.  How does your site stack up?  Are you trustworthy?  This week, Greg talks about the ‘trust’ factors that you can use to improve your overall position in the search results. [/vc_column_text][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text] Transcript follows So far in this series, we’ve talked a lot about details. But …

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Do I need SSL on my website?

Yes. And now that the answer is out of the way, lets talk about WHY you need SSL on your website. What is SSL and why do I need it on my website? SSL is a technology that creates a secure layer between your browser and a web server.  This layer is created by creating …

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