Consistent Content is a Key to Effective Online Marketing

There are a lot of factors that contribute to successful online marketing. One of the most important keys is a model of consistent content.

The goal of consistent publishing of content is not to be loud and overwhelming. It is a public appearance that states that you are present, available, and actively invested in your business. It can be crafted in a manner that positively characterizes your business and expresses the value you hold in connecting with your audience.

The Golden Key of Content Marketing: Useful Content

Choosing the right kind of content so that you are delivering value is important. If the only type of content you offer is an unending stream of sales pitches, it is unlikely your audience will tune into your message. In fact, they may eventually learn to perceive your content as spam-marketing.

Learning to create content that is useful is a side-effect of knowing what they need. It does not mean you cannot redirect your customers back to your own services. However, if you are less focused on offering solutions, suggestions, and substance and entirely on sales – you will lose the opportunity to establish a positive impression.

If you are an expert in your field, sharing your expertise as a demonstration of value is a wonderful way to lead into an invitation to have a mutually beneficial business relationship.

The Challenge of Creating Consistent Content

This is easy math: Lack of time, ideas, and marketing know-how. It is ridiculously hard to set time aside to create content, and often more difficult to know what kind of content to make. Even after you pull those things together, knowing how, when, and where to make the content available can feel daunting.

Short-circuiting the barriers to content creation can take many forms. Simply knowing the types of content that you can create will open possibilities and ideas.

The most common types might be:

  • Infographics
    A way to offer information creatively and visually about a relevant subject that is memorable, sharable, and easy to digest.
  • Blog/Article content
    Still an important method of publishing content and providing your audience with a valuable resource about your area of interest.
  • Videos
    Video has become the most consumed form of online content. People love to passively absorb information, and it is a powerful way to deliver it in an entertaining, visual way.
  • Social Media posts
    Everything is shareable via social media. You create an infographic, blog article, video, or any other form of content – and you can redistribute it across all your platforms.
  • Podcasts
    Growing in popularity, longform content is a powerful tool for educating audiences in a conversational manner.

These serve different purposes and may not all be a format ideal for your target audience. A wonderful way to save time and make fast decisions on the types of content you create is to develop a schedule and a template for the methods you utilize.

You do not have to use every marketing platform; it is hard to keep up with too many. The platforms you utilize should be based on knowledge of your audience. Where are they online? It also means you can focus on learning how to use a few tools, and not overwhelm yourself trying to become an expert in everything.

The Benefits of Consistent Content Marketing

The benefits are common sense when consistently introducing yourself to the marketplace. More content means that you will:

  • build an audience and gain traction online
  • build brand awareness and industry authority
  • generate the potential for more leads
  • Improve your SEO
  • establish trust

Another consideration is that the digital world moves quickly. It is easy to miss a piece of content that you have worked on and published.

If you only publish one new item of content within a month, what are the chances your audience will see it? Alternatively, if you publish numerous pieces of content within a month on a variety of platforms and in different formats, how much more likely is it you will be noticed?

A Solution for Supporting Consistent Content

Not every small and medium business will be able to devote internal resources to maintain a concept of consistent content. It is becoming less common to hire a full-time marketing employee with the skillset to cover all their internal marketing needs.

For the businesses who neither have the time, expertise nor budget to manage their own marketing strategy, a powerful solution is to consider Managed Marketing services.

The concept of Managed Marketing is to hire a team of experts to manage the marketing needs of a business at a monthly rate. This team would encompass experts from every aspect of marketing (web design, SEO, social media, online ads, video production, brand design) and be available to plan and execute the needs of their client within the budget.

Mtek Digital offers Managed Marketing Packages to Our Clients

We are an MSP (Managed Services Provider) business, but we also have a flair for marketing! As SMBs are focused on running their business, they seldom devote enough time to promoting and growing it — and often, they lack the marketing savvy and skillset to do so. With our experience and training, we have learned a few things about websites, social media, search engines and consumer behaviour. Our Managed Marketing Services will connect you with your audience at the right place and the right time.

Check our Managed Marketing Packages and see if it is the right fit for you!