Marketing yourself should be one of the most exciting elements of your business plan. Why? Because through your marketing initiatives you get to exclaim to the world why you are so amazing to do business with.  Developing a strong visual brand will go a long way in establishing how legitimate and creditable you are. Marketing as a whole goes far deeper than a simple logo – let’s look at all of the important aspects.

Brand Development

It starts here. Despite the boom in Digital Media, the Internet and technology in general, your visual brand begins with a strong logo. Your logo often creates the first impression a prospective customer will perceive.  Your ‘brand’ includes your logo, and the visual style you want to promote.  It should include your logo, colours, fonts, and even taglines or catch-phrases relative to your business.  All of your marketing materials should be developed under this brand. So it pays to get a professional to help develop your brand from the ground up.

Corporate Identity Packages

Your brand carries through to all of your primary marketing pieces. The standard branded packages usually consists of:

  • Business cards
  • Letterhead / Envelope stationery
  • Corporate folders

Marketing Materials

Concrete information about your business is necessary and important.  Microtek knows how to brand the pieces to make them memorable. Perhaps you need to make some big noise? Or maybe you just need to have something on hand to deliver the message? Here are some print options to consider:

  • Brochures
  • Fliers / postcards
  • Thank-you cards
  • Billboards
  • Bus bench design
  • Large format printing (posters / banners)
  • Truck decal artwork
  • Custom labeling (CDs / DVDs)

Branding Strategy Consultation

Maintaining a strong visual brand and understanding the depth of branding in your marketing strategy is crucial. One of the major reasons a brand is not successful is due to lack of consistency and management. You need to maintain a solid, lasting visual presence.   Microtek has extensive experience in strategy and management of visual branding for a long-term and memorable impact.




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