Designers: Stop Being An Afterthought!

Web designers are responsible for building high quality, professional and responsive websites. Unfortunately, their input and ideas are often pushed aside to make room for marketing strategies. Because of this, most designers end up at the back of the line or the bottom of the list. Essentially, designers are people with a plan, be it for visual aspects or a comprehensive web design, but this fact is often lost on management.

However, you can change this reality by first recognizing why it happens and then taking action to prevent it from happening to you.

Why it Happens

There are several reasons why designers are at the bottom of the totem pole. One reason is that many people don’t see design as a strategy. They simply see it as something they can dictate and squeeze to fit their idea. The unfortunate truth is what leads to problems almost immediately in the design process.
Another cause is a lack of communication. Many executives and leads view design as the last piece of the puzzle—a puzzle you’re lucky to be let in on at all. Because of how the ‘boss’ views the design process, your work as the designer is thought of as less than important.

How to Stop Being An Afterthought

To put an end to being the afterthought, you have to step up to the plate. That means asking questions, communicating with project leads, and educating yourself about the project plan. Design matters, and you have to let people know that it does. Simply stating the importance of design and the influence it will have on the project, can be enough to bump you up a notch. Repeat your importance verbally and in written communication and watch your importance climb.

By showing up and showing you care, you can stop being an afterthought and give more of your talent to the project at hand.

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