Edmonton Podcast Studio Space

Podcasts are taking the world by storm.  Creators, educators, and entertainers are eager to fill the idle time of their audience, creating content ideal for consumption on the go.  At the gym, in the car, or on public transportation – Podcasts take advantage of an audience looking to pass time, and gain knowledge or experience while passing it.

As a part of our studio build, we felt it was important to ensure that we had a sound safe space for those looking to record their own podcast, or engage with another person while doing so.

Our podcast space is configured with dual Audio Technica AT-2020 microphones and a 2 channel USB mixer to provide quality stereo podcast recording direct to a DAR or Audacity audio software.  Sound diffusion and absorbtion panels provide the best possible audio environment (short of a true sound studio!) for your podcast.

Interesting in using the space?  Contact us today for a no-charge booking just contact us and mention your interest in the podcast space!



Studio B Tour

Our secondary studio contains a sound deadened space for a duo to record high quality audio, lighting is also available to record sessions if desired!