Edmonton Video Creator Bootcamps

Video is a powerful platform to reach an audience and communicate your message. Join our Video Bootcamps and learn skills in producing content, building your own studio, how to edit, brand and publish your own videos.

Want to Learn how to Make a Video?

Half Day Bootcamps. Very Limited Seats.

Join one of our Video Bootcamps and learn how you can create content to the final steps of publishing your video. No experience? Don’t worry we have trained staff to teach and help you throughout the process.

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Tuesday, January 30 @ 1:00PM (3+ hrs)

Tuesday, Febuary 13 @ 1:00PM (3+ hrs)

Tuesday, Febuary 27 @ 1:00PM (3+ hrs)

Tuesday, March 27 @ 1:00PM (3+ hrs)

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Who can benefit from the Video Creator Bootcamp

The Video Creator Bootcamp is directed at individuals and small business owners who are not currently creating video content, and would like to get a head start rather than diving in blind.

The course content is broken into several sections:

Content Development

Learn methods to find out what content users are looking for – along with tools and tactics to identify the best way to communicate with potential viewers.


Introductory Level introduction to equipment, lighting and style.  Take part in a short video shoot, showing the application of discussed elements, and take home footage.  We demonstrate the use of simple editing solutions, and introduce more powerful editing concepts for you to take away and explore on your own.

Audience Building and Promotion

Tactics and Strategies to get your videos noticed, and a formula to extend the value of your production efforts across multiple platforms and to extended services.


If you’re already got solid content development and production skills, perhaps a one on one session with our team would be of value, so that we can focus on strategies to help grow your audience through content sharing automation.  Contact us if this is more in line with your needs!

Limited Spots / Pricing

As this is a hands-on bootcamp workshop, there are very limited spots available.
  • Only $149 for this half day workshop.
  • Refer friends to also join and get $50 off for each confirmed registration.
David Papp and his team at Mtek Digital will guide you HANDS-ON through his model on his 4 steps for video success:

Content Harvesting

Many people struggle with how to create fresh and engaging content for their website and various social networks. Learn tools, techniques and resources to be inspired, and easily gather information for your own productions.

Media Capture

Learn how to build your own studio on a budget or shoot on the go. Audio, lighting, and more with exact shopping lists for yourself.


Learn about industry leading and free software to edit and brand your recordings, or stream & record produced videos on-the-fly such as webcasting, webinars, YouTube/Facebook Live.


YouTube channel setup, SEO tips, posting weekly on a schedule, and how to automate.

What You Will Get

Fully Produced Video

You will end up with a video of yourself at the end of the day with hands-on knowledge of how it came together.

4 Step Model Handouts

You’ll have handouts on David’s 4 Step Model for successful video production on your own.

Facebook Community

Bonus! You will get to join our private Video Creator Community Facebook alumni group for ongoing discussions after this half day bootcamp session as you work through your own personal solution.

Studio Rental

Bonus! You will also get 2 hours of studio rental time in one of our 3 studios with a videographer present to help you

Feedback from Previous Attendees

“David Papp inspires business owners and entrepreneurs to include video as part of their Internet 2.0 digital marketing strategy. Video is a great way to engage their clients in a nonsalesy approach. The Video Boot Camp is a hands-on walk-through of the video creation process so that the participants understand both the DIY or DFY solutions. The Mtek Digital team including Chris, Greg, and Brett demonstrated their technical skills to show us their ‘behind the scenes’ tips to make our next video project so much easier!” –  Jean Eaton, Practice Management Mentor with Information Managers


“The topics were very useful and the information practical. The steps were broken down to make it comprehensive. Interesting, I really enjoyed the opportunity to be in front of the camera to speak my message. Fantastic workshop for anyone who is a business owner to build their clients.” – Jessica Malacarne

“Thank you for the great video training session today. It was excellent!”


“Great job. Real market for this. Love the hands-on approach. People who use video need this.”
Grant Ainsley


“Excellent content, great stories, very knowledgeable!”


“Mtek Digital’s Video Creator Bootcamp was full of great ideas and techniques. David and his team presented complex ideas in a way that inspired me to create my own video series. I highly recommend this boot camp to anyone interested in promoting their products or services through video and social sharing – Barbara May

“Knowledgeable speakers. Confident presenters. Learned lots. Appreciate the opportunity to attend.”
Justin Schwanke


“Thank you very much for this opportunity.”


“Very informative, time well spent!”


“Appreciate the handouts and the lean, simple, no-frills approach to video.”

About David Papp

Technology is key to getting business done! David is a tech pioneer specializing in Social Media, CyberSecurity & Privacy, and Technology Management. He is well-recognized in all things tech. With a degree in computer engineering and numerous industry certifications, he has established his reputation over 25 years of professional field experience. He spends his time helping organizations and individuals embrace technology to thrive in the online world. His popularity as an everyday “tech guy” have made him a popular media resource and garnered him over 150,000 Twitter followers. He brings an engaging and passionate perspective to the podium to educate and entertain. David is an author and a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers and the Edmonton chapter president for 2017 & 2018.

About Mtek Digital

For over 25 years, David’s team has operated as Microtek Corporation, an all service web design, development and online marketing company in the Edmonton market. Although we’ve excelled at providing online website services for our clients, we’ve realized that the nature of today’s technology is geared towards equipping the user for self-management. The tools are available to do nearly anything yourself – you just need to be educated and informed about the options.
Mtek Digital is offering years of hands-on industry experience to train and inform interested people about all things digital. From video/photography to web design & online marketing, we invite you to experience the information we have to offer. You don’t need to have any experience – you just need to be curious and eager!

Accessibility Notice

We are located on the second floor of an older industrial office building with no elevator. There are approximately 24 steps up the staircase with a hand railing on one side. The staircase has 2 landings:  8 steps to landing #1, then another 8 steps to landing #2, then final 8 steps to second floor. It is then approximately 100 feet down a hallway to our office space.