Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing FAQ’s

The subject of SEO can be a confusing one, and it involves technology, content and practices to get the best results. Here are some of the most frequent questions we’re asked.


My website is loading really slow.  How can I speed it up?

Speed is one of the top factors in ranking a website.  Oftentimes, business owners tend to overlook or ignore aspects of your website that are obviously slowing down your website.  Things like heavy javascript, oversized images, too many scripts, and other things.   A simple optimization of your code could have huge impact on your loading speed.  If you are using WordPress, there are plugins you can use to speed up your website.

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I’m struggling to rank my website.  What should I do?

The challenge of every business owner and SEO.  There are over 200 factors Google looks at when it crawls your website but there are certain factors that have the most impact.  Quality of links pointing to your website, quality of content on your website, website speed, meta tags, and other things.

Oftentimes, an audit of your website will narrow down what could be bringing your website’s rank down, whether it is something on-page or off-page or both.  It could also be something technical.

You can also spy on your competitors to see what they are doing.  Maybe they are doing something that you should be doing.

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I’ve heard that getting a Google Penalty can have a huge impact on my website’s ranking.  How can I avoid it?

Simple.  Have a great website.  But it’s easier said than done.   We never know what Google is thinking of when it crawls our website and we never know who will link to us.  Sometimes there are things that are outside of our control.  Best way to avoid a Google Penalty is to be alert and always monitor your website’s ranking and traffic.  Always make sure you publish high quality content on your website and make sure you get links from relevant quality websites.  If you do get a penalty, try to figure out which algorithm impacted your website so you can narrow down what caused the penalty.

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I have a lot of traffic but poor conversion rates.  How can I fix this?

Poor conversion rates is a problem many websites have.  Oftentimes, the cause is having a bad website design or bad text.  Maybe your call-to-action button is not positioned properly or it is not getting enough attention.  Maybe your text is boring.  Oftentimes, optimizing and improving your conversion rate is an experimentation and involves A/B split testing.  You have to test out different landing page designs and different text to see what gets the most clicks and conversions.

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Most of my traffic comes from mobile devices.  How can I make sure my website is optimized for mobile?

Nowadays, many people have transitioned to mobile devices for searching the web.  In fact, recent studies have shown mobile is surpassing desktop for search queries.    So how do you make sure your website looks good on a small gadget?  Most of the time, you can just use a plugin.  You can also edit your code to make your website mobile responsive, which is probably the easiest and most effective way if you know how to code or you can hire someone who does.  There are tests that you can use to measure how poor or how great your website runs on mobile.

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