Web Site Project and Development FAQ’s

We are asked a lot of questions about developing new sites, or the techniques we use to build sites. Here are a few of the most common questions we encounter.

How long does it take to build a website?

The time to develop a website varies greatly with your expectations of the final product. A basic site can be built and released in as little as 2-4 weeks. Additions like custom design, content creation, custom imagery, or custom functionality will all add to the time required.

Typical sites with custom design, and moderate custom functionality – along with hosting and server configuration take around 10-12 weeks to complete.

Here is one small detail that can make all the difference. Most overruns in schedule we encounter are caused by one single factor. The Client. If there are items needed by your developers, the best way to maintain a schedule is for you to be prompt and prepared!

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I’ve built most of a new site on [wix, shopify, weebly, etc] but it’s not quite right – can you fix it?

We’re very proud of our capabilities and range product support, however we cannot necessarily take on a support role for online ‘web builder’ platforms.

Many ‘web-builder’ services online offer reasonable features for an attractive price – but there are always limitation. One significant limitation of course is that you are locked into a web provider that may or may not place value in the things you do,

In these cases, you are often limited to the capabilities of the plan or package you’ve signed up for.

Should you want, or need to move forward with custom features, we can assist with migration to an independently hosted solution, using world class content management tools – and very few limitations on how far you can go.

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What should I expect when creating a new website?

When it’s time to build a new website, expect to do some homework! When you engage a web developer, you should know a few things up front.

    • What do you expect from the site – is it a place to hang your hat, or do you hope to promote a business or cause?
    • Do you want to sell products on the site, or simply use the site to support the sale of your goods and services?
    • Do you need assistance branding your site or business, or do you have logos and images that define you or your product already?

Microtek has staff that can assist you from the very beginning, from planning and design, imagery and branding, as well as programming. Let us know when you’re ready to get started!

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How often should I update my website?

Website updates are critical for the long term value of your site. Changes to the search engines are frequent and web technology changes can make your site appear out-of-date.

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Do I need to use a content management system?

Content management systems (a CMS) provide a set of tools that help you manage, maintain, and update the content on your site.

Since search engines value current content and frequent updates, a CMS allows you to make changes without having to engage a programmer or designer to add pages, addresses or phone numbers.

You don’t need to have a CMS to make these changes, but if you aren’t adept at learning computer languages, or want to – a CMS puts the power in your hands.

Talk to Microtek about CMS solutions for your next site project.

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How do I create a Google AdWords campaign?

Microtek offers many services beneficial to helping you create and manage a new Google AdWords campaign. Our staff can assist in designing a targeted new landing page on your website, helping search engine optimize that page, and set-up & manage that campaign within Google.

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I want to sell products on my site. Do I need to have something custom built?

There are many options for sites that focus on selling a product or service. If you have a large inventory of items, and great variation within those products, then a custom solution might be reasonable.

If instead, you have a small number of products, and they are typically sold one at a time – there are simple additions for many CMS solutions that can direct payments through a processor like PayPal.

Talk to us today about your needs, and see how Microtek can help!

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