How do I sign up for a Seminar?

In the navigation of our website, either from the homepage or the menus, we direct visitors to view the available and/or upcoming seminars. To register, use the Book Now buttons throughout the website when you find a workshop you wish to attend and you will be able to select a date. You can then add your choice to your shopping bag cart. When ready, please proceed to checkout.

Will I receive confirmation of my booking?

Online booking is secure and easy, and confirmation of your successfully completed registration will be sent to your provided email address.

Will I receive any handouts or material during the Seminar?

Material we provide to participants will differ based on the subject matter. We do want our guests to walk away with a reference sheet or booklet. In most instances handouts will be provided.

Who are the instructors for the Seminars

Our instructors have respectively worked in their fields of online & print marketing, website design & development, photography, videography, public speaking and brand development for many years. Each has developed skills which will benefit any individual looking for mentoring in any of the topics we offer seminars for.

How long is a typical Seminar

Depending on the material, the subject or the time slot available, workshops length may differ. A typical seminar will generally be 1-2 hours, exact details are listed within each workshop.  Often we will try to accommodate midday and lunchtime hours so participants aren’t inconvenienced in their otherwise busy schedules.