It is a fact that “search engine marketing” is synonymous with Google.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Marketing (SEM) are the cornerstone of the search engine results page. If you plan on being successful in your online marketing efforts, you need to learn how to utilize the many aspects of Google’s powers search engine.

Adwords Campaigns and Paid Search

One Key consideration for building website traffic is a Google Adwords Campaign. If you wonder how other businesses get their ads and website featured at the top or side of your web browser when you are searching for something, then this where you’ll get your answers. It is a complex and time intensive process to effectively market your website, and we have skilled and AdWords Certified team members who can help!

Without clever traditional marketing, search engines represent the largest driver of traffic to modern websites.  As much as 75% of traffic can be driven to commercial and business properties through search optimization and PPC advertising, and without a community of engaged users it is often the best means to reach potential customers.


Paid Search traffic is a function of search by which you assign key words and phrases to match your content.  When a user searches for terms relevant to your Paid search keywords, your ad will be shown, and the user has the option to click on the ad, driving traffic to your site.  You typically only pay when your ad is clicked, and you are guaranteed an interaction with the client.  If you haven’t paid attention to your content however, and worked on organic search value, you may not convert that visitor into a customer.  This means that you can use Paid Search traffic as both a revenue generator (creating leads, purchases, etc.) or as a Brand Exposure utility, where you are simply paying for clicks in return for a high number of ad impressions on a target market.  You can target through keywords, time of day, or geography.

Microtek’s SEO packages provide the necessary ground work to improve your organic search results, and drive additional targeted traffic to your site.