Hiring a Freelance Web Designer? Guess what can happen!

Whenever the word “freelance” is used in the corporate world (or in any business for that matter), fear and doubt are frequently the first 2 emotions that arise. Why? Freelancing does not have the best reputation in the business world. It comes with a number of unknowns and risks.

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Cons of working with Freelancers

  • You can’t see what the freelancer is doing. Unlike in-house staff, you can’t see exactly what they are doing.
  • They may not deliver. What they said during the interview isn’t what they are delivering now.
  • Can be hard to communicate with.
  • You have a lack of control on their time.
  • Questionable business availability.
  • Limited accountability – all they lose in a failed opportunity is some time.
  • Worst – they can disappear without notice.


  • They are affordable compared to hiring in-house staff.
  • They feel more comfortable and convenient and can produce great work in their own time and space.
  • Can hire only one freelancer which is easier to manage compared to hiring a team or more than one person.
  • Can do great work if you hire the right person and set expectations.

Freelancers can be more efficient on the company budget spending compared to hiring in-house staff. If you do your job right in hiring the right person, you may even enjoy the great work that the freelancer delivers if their work matches the skill and experience level you require. Hiring a team of designers might mean more spending and micro managing.

So it is worth hiring a freelance web designer? That would depend on you. Some people cannot work with freelancers while others can. Some would say that as long as you set expectations, things will turn out alright.

Most of the time, the “cons” and “risks” exist if you don’t know what you are doing and you don’t set expectations. You never know what will happen unless you actually hire a freelancer and if you trust yourself, saving money and making a freelancer happy can make you a happy person.