How MSPs help you stay ahead of security threats

Operators of ransomware have doubled their efforts on attacks by removing data before it’s able to be encrypted at all. This new avenue allows ransomware operators to demand payment or else they will sell or publish the data online. In other cases, ransomware attacks are targeting backup files. Your disaster recovery choices are restricted if you don’t keep your backups off the network or use a Managed Service Provider.

On top pandemic-themed phishing, companies are still choosing to use work-from-home models to reduce cases and offer other perks to their employees. These are good strategies but these changes open up new vulnerabilities that potentially MSPs have to address if remote workers or a remote working company enlists the help of MSPs.

Why MSPs Are Needed

Aside from the climate that we’re in in terms of security, there are several reasons to be having an MSP in your corner. Regardless of the attack being big or small, there are always costs associated to it. Some of them are direct effects like lost revenue and reduced employee productivity. There are also all the costs associated to recovering too.

The largest cost to a business is the fact consumers’ trust will be undermined if their data ever gets stolen, even if it’s a minor amount.

MSPs are able to protect you from all of these things and are now integrating themselves into being an essential piece of a business.

How MSPs Protect And Secure Your Business

How they protect business specifically is through various aspects that happen behind the scenes. With an MSP on your side, you will never have to worry about hiring additional staff or pay high prices to bring in multiple security experts.

MSPs offer a wide spread of services all at predictable prices. MSPs typically offer the following:

Patching & Updates

A common issue people forget about is updating software and apps. Often times updates to apps and software are there to not only provide new upgrades or features but make adjustments to glitches and offer stronger protection from the systems getting hacked.

IT departments can spread themselves thin and miss out on these aspects so MSPs are able to cover those areas and continue to test them.

Security Assessments

MSPs routinely conduct a security assessment, a review of technology systems, physical security, and policies. They try to look for areas of vulnerabilities that could lead to breaches occurring. With that information, they provide guidance and expertise on how to fix these issues before anything bad happens.

Education & User Awareness Training

Not every employee is tech savvy or has the best security practices in mind. These individuals provide weak links to an entire company’s security. As such, MSPs work to customize training and address specific weaknesses and vulnerabilities. This results in employees being an extension of IT and are more aware of security concerns.

Server & Network Protection

Intrusion detection and prevention are of course really important in protecting a business. MSPs work to provide the tools, technology, monitoring, and the support that you need to keep that infrastructure intact.

Secure Endpoint Management

With so many people working remotely, being able to protect endpoints ensures that all network access points are secure. MSPs will also be monitoring and configuring and managing the endpoint protections that cover every device both on-site and off.

Antivirus Management

The only way antivirus applications help is they are installed and used correctly. An MSP will easily set up antivirus coverage across the organization and manage any applications to ensure it stays current. They will also automate the process so they receive alerts and address the issues immediately if something suspicious happens.

Disaster Recovery

Between ransomware, unpredictable weather patterns, and human error, there is bound for something to go wrong in an organization. It’s at this point where being able to recover from these events becomes crucial and an MSP does exactly that. They will put together an entire plan that will ensure if something ever happens, you can quickly and efficiently protect yourself and recover from data loss of any kind.

Constant Monitoring

In-house IT teams do require time off however MSPs aren’t always located in a single area. They have staff from all over the world and are able to address issues easily because someone somewhere is up and keeping an eye on business.

Vulnerability Assessments & Penetration Testing

When using both of these things, they are potent weapons against ransomware and any other security threat out there. MSPs employ these methods all the time and they do so based on the organization’s risk level. From these tests, they can show you how hackers can get into your systems and what damage could they do if they ever get there.

Dark Web Monitoring

If information ever gets stolen, it often ends up on sale in chat rooms, blogs, forums, private networks, or other illicit sites on the dark web. MSPs are able to schedule regular dark web scans to then montior those sites looking for mentions pertaining to your business in any way – whether that’s an email domain, an IP address, a stolen customer list, or employee login credentials.

All in all, MSPs cover a wide range of monitoring and security in the background so that you don’t have to. You can rest easy that everything is under control and that you’re protected. On top of this, you continue to retain your customer’s trust in your own products and services.

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