How Often Should You Update Your Website?

There is no pre-determined number or amount of updates that you should make on your website. But what you should consider is the purpose of your website and target audience. By simply updating your website on a regular basis, you will attract more visitors and improve your website ranking. Best of all, updating your website could mean more business and clients.

Why Update
Changing the content on your website will increase your ranking in search engines, which means that your website will be easily found in search engines like Google. Updating your website also creates a positive user experience through current and original content.
Most, if not all, users want and need access to information readily and easily. They will probably spend less time on a website where the content hasn’t changed at all since their last visit. If the information is new and fresh, they will be enticed to stay longer and look around your website. Potential clients will also be looking to see if you have updated your content, so you should find new ways of communicating through your website!

What to Update
Your website design is one thing that should remain the same. It should be a strong reflection of your online presence and brand. For example, if new visitors or potential clients see a certain colour or logo that you use, they will associate it with your business. Your brand is extremely important. Keep it the same across every medium you use.
So what should you update? You should change the following content on your website:

Page Text: Ensure that relevant key words are used throughout your content and that they are changed often.

Images and Videos: It is important to keep your images and videos up-to-date as it’s an easy way to show visitors that you have updated your website.

News Items: Communicate your most recent successes and relevant news. Your content should also be updated in the “Our Team” page as well.

Social Media: Always include links and feeds to your social media networks, such as Facebook, blogs, and Twitter. Keep them updated and current as often as possible.

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