How to Avoid a Google Penalty?

Google search algorithmic updates or manual reviews sometimes leads to a negative impact on the search rankings of the websites. As a result of this algorithmic update, a variety of black-hat SEO technicalities might face an unwanted and undulating penalty which is known as Google penalty.

Such an algorithm update by Google creates a lot of traffic at your site and this often deletes all relevant search information and company profiles altogether. They might also cause some of your competing companies’ sites to crop up. This is partially the result of entrusting the survival needs of your company into somebody else’s hands. So, it can be easily concluded that Google penalty is a highly risky and unwanted issue, the fear of which can wince you from inside and force you to recoil.

However, when there is a will, there is a way and likely when there is a problem, there obviously is a solution.  There are few ways by which one can avoid a Google penalty. The following discussion will enlighten this fact and give you the chance to prevent a mishap.

  1. Avoid making poor quality content viral. Google often searches out spam and stumpy contents and devalues the content. So, if you want your company information to not get erased and devoured, it will be wise to put in good and high quality substance with valuable and important information for the readers.
  2. A very important point that needs to be considered is that one should clearly avoid duplication of content. All information should be authentic and informative and not copied from competitor’s websites. Google can scan across your material and penalize you for content duplication or worse, drop those pages from search altogether.
  3. There should be relevant diversity in anchor texting. Domain links should be well distinguished from backlinks. The best option is to attenuate the anchor text ratio by building up quality links.
  4. Avoid stuffing your website with keywords. It is a fact that keywords are very important search engine identifiers and you must have specific keywords in your posts so that you can be ranked correctly. But over using keywords might lead to Google penalty.
  5. If you are not active on social media then you will not be able to get ranked well in Google. It has been said recently that Goggle ranks better those websites that are active on social media and get more likes, tweets and shares and pins. Despite an algorithm update by Google, being active on social media will indeed improve your search ranking.

Try out these tips to help avoid Google penalties.  In short, Quality, original content, that you have expertise in is your gateway to better search ranking.

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