How to Brand your Twitter Profile

Did you know that some 326 million people worldwide use Twitter every month? This doesn’t even factor in users who aren’t active on their accounts.

The struggle to properly brand your Twitter profile to a specific industry is real. It requires insight into how Twitter works and what users expect on the platform.

Today we’re taking a closer look at how to use your Twitter profile to brand yourself or your business like the pros.

Show off Your Knowledge

If you’re an industry expert, then Twitter is the place to showcase your knowledge. Through tweets, you can come up with bite size bits of information that strike a nerve with your audience and gets them coming back for more. Not to mention, the higher quality information you post, the more retweets and followers you get.

There are several ways you can show off your knowledge. You can throw Q & A sessions to answer your follower’s questions and show them what you know. You can create partnerships with other thought leaders in your niche, or one similar, and build your brand across dual platforms. You can even publish original content from your blogs for longer form information. The options are limitless.

Create a Marketing Plan and Stay Consistent

Twitter is like any other platform, it requires a consistent marketing plan to master. Just because you have a Twitter handle doesn’t mean people will flock to you.

There are several ways you can build a Twitter page that works. Some steps you can take include:

  • Adding your Twitter URL to your email signature, at the end of blog posts, and anywhere else you spread the word about your business.
  • Networking with other influencers by using the “@” symbol when mentioning them in Tweets
  • Add your handle to your business card

You’ll also want to create a theme of topics that you tweet about to keep your brand consistent. Align it with your other social media platforms for the best results.

Understand the Value of Twitter

What was once an afterthought for brands is now front and center for customer engagement. Twitter is one of the best ways to brand yourself or business. With access to millions of customers around the world, it’s simply bad business to ignore the Twitter platform, and building your brand just got a whole lot easier thanks to these tips!


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