How to Choose and Keep a Good Domain Name

There are many things to think about when creating a website for your business or individual brand. But before you can have a website, you need to choose a good domain name and learn how to keep it.

Choose a Short and Memorable Name

You should choose a domain name that best describes your company and services concisely and distinctively. If you want your domain name to be effective and memorable, it should be short (20 characters or less), easy to spell, and unique. Your domain name should also be free of hyphens and numbers. An easy way to make your domain name memorable is to use the name of your business.

Select the Domain Type

The second part of your domain name is the domain type (.com), which tells you what kind of website it is and where it is from. Most websites end in .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov, .biz, .info, .us, or .ca. Your first choice should be a .com domain because most people expect a domain name to end in .com, and they’re most likely to remember your domain name easily.

Ask for a Second Opinion

Make a list of domain names that you like and ask your family, friends and colleagues for their opinion. Business owners could also provide you with insightful advice on which domain name is best for your business. Asking for feedback is always a good idea.

Register Your Domain Name

Once you have selected your domain name, you need to register it through a domain name registrar on the Internet to ensure that your domain name is available and that you can keep it. Some good, established registrars are or (European). You can register your domain name for a minimum of one year or up to ten years at a time.

Protect Your Domain Name

Remember to renew your domain name before the registration period ends or it will become available for other people to use. If your registrar offers an automatic renewal, sign up for it. Another feature that registrars offer is domain locking, which prevents your domain name from being transferred to someone else. Ensure that your domain name is registered in your personal name, and that you own it.

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