How to Create a Google Brand Account

Google is the master of the internet. There’s no denying it.
However, many businesses overlook the potential of its social media platform, Google Plus.

Like other social networks, Google Plus provides plenty of room for businesses to connect with their fans and customers. Google Plus is unique in that it influences your SEO and traffic volume. It also makes it easier for local businesses to advertise their services and products within a geographical region. But there’s an offshoot of the Google Plus page that we’re taking a closer look at today and it’s called the “Google Brand Page.”

So how can you start using the Google Brand Page, and what are the steps you need to take?

Pick a Category

Like Facebook, you’ll need to pick a category for your page. Are you a local business, company or organization, or arts and entertainment? Select a category that works for your brand then move on to the next step. A helpful tour guide pops up to tell you what information you’ll need to fill out on the page, be sure to follow its instructions.

Add The Right Images

Another important component to your brand account is to streamline your branding across all platforms. Your Google brand page allows you to upload a cover photo, so use this to further your brand awareness by using the same image here as you would on, say your Facebook page. Don’t hesitate to reach out to a photo editor who can edit the image for you.

Share Engaging Content

Video and images do well on Google Plus. Aim for more informational posts, rather than fun or humors posts. The audience on Google Plus leans closer to the crowd on LinkedIn (i.e. professionals). Since your brand page grows with views and shares focus on sharing content your audience wants to see.

Your Google brand account should serve as an extension of the rest of you brand. By harmonizing the messaging, setting up your profile, and sharing content that your audience cares about, you can create a successful page that furthers your business.



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