How to Create a great Facebook company page

Facebook is home to billions of users the world over. From grandparents who use the site to drool over their grandchildren, to business professionals who want to spread the world about their business, everyone uses Facebook.

But if you’re a business owner, you may be wondering where to start with Facebook. To help you out, we’ve created a brief guide to help you figure out where to start your journey.

Determine what type of page you need.

There are several page categories available. These include:

  • Local Business
  • Community Cause
  • Artist or Band
  • Company

Then categorize your business page so that people can easily find it.

Create a Killer cover image.

Your cover image should do three things:

  • Support Your Branding
  • Attract Attention
  • Evoke Emotion

Also pay special attention to Facebook’s ideal image size covers before you start creating a design. Also make use of the description, tags, and location if you want an added marketing push after you publish the image.

Fill out your profile.

Don’t overlook the small details like your Hours of Operation, location, and website URL. Your about us section should also reflect your website’s branding, so get inspired from what you already have to mesh things together nicely.

Add visual content.

Once you have your profile, about, and image header put together, you can start posting! On Facebook, visual posts do extremely well, so try to pair your content with a nice copyright free image to really engage your audience and drive home your points. But be sure to use images that relate to your post.

Add the CTA Button for your profile.

Facebook lets you use a call to action button for each of your company pages. They offer 7 different buttons including a “book now,” “shop now,” and “contact us” among others. Choose one that encourages your audience to take the action you want them to.

There you have it! The basics to creating a great company Facebook page!


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