How To Use PPC Advertising For Short Bursts Of Traffic To Website Promotions

Drive Traffic Directly to Your Promotions with PPC

Pay per click or PPC is a marketing strategy that is different from SEO, but conforms to many of the same rules. You need to pay the search engine every time someone clicks on your PPC advertisement when it appears on search engines like Google. PPC is usually used in a big way when a business is looking for quality traffic for short term gains, like for seasonal sales.

PPC uses keywords as required for short term

PPC can make your short term marketing campaign successful if you target keywords correctly. Search engines should be able to display your advertisement when the targeted the keyword is searched. This way you will be able to find visitors who are indeed looking for the very product you are selling. PPC advertisements are aimed at a particular segment of buyers who need of a product at a particular time. If you sell swimsuits then you could be using your PPC campaign just a couple of months before summer and your PPC campaign could get over when summer gets over.

Why PPC is gaining in popularity

PPC is now being seen as an important marketing tool. Retailers are viewing it as a good way of getting traffic when they have a seasonal sale or when they have other time related events. PPC has scored over SEO for driving short term quality traffic that leads to conversions. Suppose your normally sunny city is hit by unprecedented rains and you sell umbrellas. To quickly advertise your product online that targets umbrellas, or rainy day, rains you would use PPC advertisement for quick and timely results. You would be paying for visits to your website but then your profits could also rise.

PPC is used for short term immediate results

PPC advertising targets those keywords that would otherwise not be ranked organically through SEO strategy. By using keywords that are different from those used in organic searches you will be able to draw quality visitors quickly who are specifically searching for those keywords. When your PPC advertisement appears on Google, if you are using Google Ad Words for keywords then visitors are likely to click to reach your website. PPC paid marketing strategy is used when you require high volume quality traffic at short bursts of time especially when you are seeking immediate results.

What helps to build a good PPC campaign?

First you have to identify what you are hoping to achieve through the PPC campaign. Maybe your object is to drive traffic that converts because you want to improve your bottom line before the quarter ends. So you will use keywords that match your quarter sales needs. You will need PPC landing pages that are optimized for conversions and which search engines find relevant. If users find your landing page satisfactory then Google is likely to charge you less per click leading to higher profits for you from conversions. So you need to think carefully and get your PPC advertising campaign right at the very beginning.

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