Image Resizing and Manipulation Tools (Episode 8)

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_video link=””][vc_column_text]Have you ever had any photos or images that you need to manipulate real quick, and you just wanna use some quick, free tools to do it? There are some great websites that you can use.

One of ’em is Remove.BG. Remove.BG as in background. Unbelievable website. You can take a person, like a headshot, and you go an upload it to the website, five seconds later, it’s traced up the entire background and gotten rid of it, and it even turns it into a transparent png for you. That is a great website that you can use in order to go and cut out and remove a background completely.

Another great website is P-I-C, resize dot com. This website, you can rotate photos, flip photos, resize them, save them as a different version. You’ve got Jpeg, GIF, or GIF depending on which camp you’re part of, PNGs, BitMaps. You can even apply special effects. And the special effects are like, you can blur it, you can do grayscale it, you can make it look like it’s scorched. Unbelievable tools.

Another couple other quick websites that you can use as part of your toolkit is and These are, I don’t know, some of ’em look kinda cheesy, but some of them are pretty neat where you can create an instant logo or heading for your website by typing in some text and making it really look cool, like, a lot of special effects to the font that is available.

These are some quick tools that you can use as part of your toolkit if you ever need to do some quick photo or image manipulation, and they’re free.

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