Is 2015 The Year To Start Over With Your Website?

Is the Mid-Season the time for a Website Makeover?

Starting the New Year with resolutions for a better, healthier, more improved version of ourselves is one of the favorite things to do for most people in the world. And frankly – we’ve generally forgotten those resolutions by January 3rd, or abandoned them completely by the 15th.

So why not do your business the favor and make sure you get the most of 2015 by starting over with your website, thereby ensuring increased traffic to your website and increased interest and sales in your business?

When you redesign your website, it is a natural upgrading that reflects in the Google page rankings as well. This is because each time a website is updated, Google crawlers get pinged and relay back the information to the search engine, thereby ensuring that the updated website features high among the Google search results. Since most people go by the search results that come up in the very first page, it follows that redesigning your website is a sure-fire way to drive more traffic to your website and thereby your business.

Many businesses slow during the summer, so this could also be the best time to incorporate the latest design or functional elements into your website which may not have been there before, giving your website a modern and updated look to keep with the times and keep up with the competition (and stay far ahead too!).

A website redesign is a formidable and time-consuming task so it is best to start off with prior planning in order to make the most out of it. Here are some important pointers to keep in mind for your website redesign in 2015:

  • Have a goal for your website. Do you want to drive more people to your website to buy your products or services online or do you want to focus on getting people to visit your real-time store or get people to sign up for your newsletter or any other reason? Starting off with a clear-cut goal will ensure that your website redesign reflects and meets the needs of your business as well as the customers and clients.
  • Get rid of elements that do not work or which have outgrown their utility value.
  • Include the latest technology and features that ensure that your website redesign works for your business. For example, knowing the value of frequent updates, you could incorporate content management systems into your website which ensure that you can update your website without having to know coding to do so. This helps keep regular updating firmly in your control and capabilities.
  • Include social media sharing tools into your website to ensure that you harness the powers of social media by allowing others to freely and effortlessly share your web content.
  • Make sure your redesigned website is accessible across all devices, from smartphones to tablets to ensure that you keep up with increasing smartphone usage among people.
  • Optimize your website for maximum search engine results and higher page rankings.
  • Ensure that your website is responsive and loads quickly across a wide range of devices. This point is critically important now that Google penalizes sites that are not mobile-device friendly!

Incorporating all or any of these elements into your website design for 2015 will take it to a whole new level.

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